South Africa’s 2024 Elections: Nelson Chamisa issues statement

Mr Nelson Chamisa

South Africa Sets the Standard for Electoral Integrity in Africa

In a bold statement, renowned Zimbabwean opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has commended the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) of South Africa for its exemplary conduct in managing elections. Chamisa, who has closely observed electoral processes across the African continent, lauded the IEC’s “independence, extent of integrity, and level of professionalism” displayed during the current election cycle.

“The standard set has been fantastic, especially the transparency, accountability, and approachability of the IEC of South Africa,” Chamisa declared. He went on to describe the political and election environment in South Africa as a “template for integrity and fairness” that should be emulated by others, particularly the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

Chamisa was particularly impressed by how South Africa facilitated voting for its citizens living abroad, stating it displayed “excellence and global best practice.” He asserted that holding “credible, unrigged, legitimate, and undisputed elections” is a crucial pillar of a “New Africa” – one built on the foundations of robust democratic institutions.

The Zimbabwean opposition leader praised the IEC of South Africa for providing an “excellent template and source of inspiration,” offering valuable lessons for election management bodies across the continent, especially in Zimbabwe. He emphasized that state institutions must be the “guardrails and guarantors of functioning and flourishing democracies,” free from partisan influence and able to fulfil their patriotic duties.

“Well done, South Africa!” Chamisa exclaimed, holding up the country’s electoral process as a shining example for the rest of Africa to follow. His remarks come at a critical juncture, as many nations on the continent grapple with concerns over the integrity of their electoral systems.

Chamisa’s unequivocal praise for South Africa’s IEC underscores the important role that independent and impartial electoral bodies play in consolidating democratic governance. As Africa continues its march towards a “New Africa” of transparent, accountable, and participatory politics, the South African model may very well serve as a blueprint for others to emulate.



Over the years, I have closely observed how elections are conducted across the continent. While no institution is 100% perfect, I commend the independence, extent of integrity and level professionalism exhibited by the @IECSouthAfrica during this election cycle thus far. The standard set has been fantastic especially the transparency, accountability and approachability of the IEC of South Africa.

The political and election environment in South Africa has been a template for integrity and fairness to be emulated by all others elsewhere especially @ZECzim.

I’m impressed by how SA conducted the voting process for citizens in the diaspora displaying excellence and global best practice.

Holding credible, unrigged, legitimate and undisputed elections is a key tenet and facet of a New Africa.

The IEC SA has provided an excellent template and source of inspiration giving valuable lessons for election management bodies elsewhere, particularly in Zimbabwe.

State institutions serve as the guardrails and guarantors of functioning and flourishing democracies. Institutions must be free from partisan poison, enclave politics and partocracy.

They must be free to perform their patriotic and constitutional duties allowing citizens to flourish in functioning democracies.

Well done South Africa! #NewAfrica.

Nelson Chamisa

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