Deceitful man in deep trouble after faking daughter’s death to defraud Ecosure


Elaborate fraud scheme unravels: Harare man fined for deceiving funeral insurance provider

In a brazen act of deception, a Harare man has been ordered to pay a substantial fine for perpetrating an elaborate fraud against the EcoSure funeral insurance service. Sylvester Rusere, 36, of Hopely, faced charges in the Masvingo Magistrates Court after being caught submitting a fraudulent claim to the Econet Life-operated insurance provider.

According to the National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe, Rusere had registered himself and two dependents, one of whom was a fictitious daughter named Mufaro Rusere, under an EcoSure funeral cover plan. Over the period of March to April 2024, Rusere is alleged to have falsely claimed that his non-existent daughter had passed away in Buhera.

To substantiate this claim, the accused individual is said to have fabricated a death certificate for Mufaro Rusere. He even went so far as to enlist the help of unsuspecting witnesses, obtaining copies of their national ID cards to bolster the legitimacy of the documents.

Armed with the forged paperwork, Rusere then proceeded to an Econet shop in Masvingo, submitting the fraudulent claim forms complete with the fabricated death certificate and witness signatures. However, the insurance provider’s internal investigation quickly uncovered the deception, leading to Rusere’s arrest.

Appearing before the Masvingo Magistrates Court, Rusere was ultimately ordered to pay a fine of USD400 or face 6 months in prison. Additionally, he received a wholly suspended 3-month sentence for his brazen attempt to defraud the EcoSure funeral cover scheme.

This case serves as a stark reminder of the consequences facing those who seek to exploit financial service providers through dishonest means. Authorities remain vigilant in clamping down on such fraudulent activities to protect the integrity of Zimbabwe’s insurance industry.

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