10-year sentence for thief who stole truck left in his care


A shocking betrayal of trust: Chatsworth man sentenced to 10 years for stealing entrusted truck

In a troubling turn of events, a Chatsworth resident has been handed a 10-year jail sentence for the theft of a motor vehicle that had been entrusted to his care. Absalom Masvinge, aged 51, was convicted of stealing a red “MAN” tipper truck that had been left in his custody for repairs.

The saga unfolded in 2021 when Masvinge was entrusted with the temporary guardianship of the vehicle by Shepherd Chara, the husband of the complainant. Chara had left the truck with Masvinge under the explicit understanding that he would safeguard it until Chara could return to facilitate the necessary repairs and retrieve the vehicle.

Tragically, before Chara could collect his truck, he fell ill and passed away. Seizing the opportunity, the unscrupulous Masvinge then engaged in a clandestine transaction with Takunda Clay Takawira, a resident of Beitbridge. In this illicit deal, the tipper truck was swapped for a white IVECO minibus.

However, the complainant eventually discovered Masvinge’s betrayal of trust and promptly reported the matter to the police. A thorough investigation was launched, leading to Masvinge’s arrest. The stolen truck, valued at a substantial USD10,000, was successfully recovered during the probe.

Appearing before the Masvingo Magistrates’ Court, Masvinge was found guilty of theft of trust property. The presiding magistrate handed down a harsh sentence, condemning Masvinge to 10 years in prison, with 2 years of the term suspended for 5 years.

This case serves as a sobering reminder of the consequences that can arise when individuals abuse the faith placed in them. The severe punishment meted out to Masvinge underscores the gravity of his actions and the importance of upholding the principles of trust and accountability within society.

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