Sweeping nationwide arrests as police intensify clampdown on unauthorized ‘mushikashika’ operators


Crackdown on illegal public transport continues

In the latest developments of an ongoing crackdown on unauthorized public transport activities, Zimbabwean authorities have arrested hundreds more individuals as part of the “No To Mushikashika and Touts” operation.

According to reports, on June 7th, 2024, a total of 226 touts were apprehended across the country. This brings the cumulative number of arrests made under this initiative to 3,078.

Separately, 903 motorists were also arrested for engaging in “mushikashika” – the unauthorized operation of public transport services. The cumulative arrests for this offense now stand at 10,178.

The sustained enforcement efforts underscore the government’s commitment to addressing the proliferation of informal and often unsafe modes of public transit that have become prevalent in many parts of Zimbabwe.

By targeting both the touts who facilitate these illicit practices as well as the drivers who participate in them, authorities aim to promote order, safety, and accountability within the public transportation system.

The crackdown on these unlawful activities has been a priority, as the presence of unauthorized operators poses significant regulatory and safety concerns for commuters.

As the campaign continues, the authorities have reiterated their call for the public to cooperate and refrain from engaging with or enabling these unauthorized transport services. The ultimate goal is to ensure the reliability and integrity of Zimbabwe’s public transportation infrastructure for the benefit of all citizens.

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