Chaos a court as Moses Mpofu’s family goes berserk, sister-in-law attacks journalists, wife threatens media ban


Harare’s usually calm courthouse was transformed into a battleground yesterday when tempers flared and chaos erupted following an explosive altercation involving the sister-in-law of fraud-accused Moses Mpofu. In a shocking display of aggression, she viciously attacked journalists, leaving the media fraternity stunned and the accused’s family threatening to bar the press from court proceedings.

The incident unfolded outside the Harare Magistrate Court, where Mpofu’s bail application hearing was adjourned to the following day. The accused, embroiled in a high-profile case of defrauding the government of a staggering US$7 million in what has become known as the “Presidential Goat Scheme,” found himself at the center of this dramatic spectacle.

Caught on camera was the sister-in-law’s violent outburst, directed specifically at NewsDay journalist, Rejoice Phiri, who had been filming a conversation between Mpofu and socialite Passion Java. Seemingly unable to contain her rage, she brazenly seized equipment belonging to the New Zimbabwe news crew, further intensifying the chaotic scene.

The motive behind the sister-in-law’s aggressive behavior remains unclear, but tensions were already running high due to the gravity of the case and the presence of Passion Java, who had come to court to show solidarity with his associates also implicated in the alleged fraudulent scheme.

As the accused duo awaited their fate behind bars, the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) official testified, highlighting the potential flight risk they posed if granted bail. The official emphasized the existence of compelling evidence against them, suggesting a watertight case that could justify their continued detention.

While the investigation officer’s testimony unfolded within the courtroom, chaos brewed outside, as Mpofu’s sister-in-law unleashed a verbal tirade against the journalists, threatening them with unspecified harm. Fueling the fire, Mpofu’s wife joined in, vowing to prevent further media access to the court proceedings, adding another layer of tension to an already volatile situation.

The media industry has been left reeling from this brazen attack, prompting concerns about the safety of journalists in their line of duty. Such hostility towards the press not only undermines the principles of transparency and accountability but also raises questions about the accused’s family’s attempts to control the narrative surrounding the case.

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