Latest on video of woman being brutally bashed by other women: 5 Wedza women arrested, victim hospitalised (WATCH VIDEO)


Wedza – A chilling incident of aggravated indecent assault has rocked the community of Wedza, with five women now facing charges for a brutal attack that was captured on video and subsequently went viral on social media. The incident, which occurred on 4th July in Mupfuuri Village, has left the community reeling and demanding justice for the victim.

The five suspects, Vimbai Mike (19), Rudo Manjere (17), Lilly Rose Munyoro (16), Lillian Chido Munyoro (17), and Sandra Vhumbunu (17), were apprehended on 10th July following a swift investigation by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP). The arrest came after the disturbing video, depicting the horrific assault, circulated widely on social media platforms, prompting widespread outrage and calls for action.

According to the police, the victim, Mavis Mada (18), was lured to Vimbai Mike’s homestead by three of the suspects, Rudo Manjere, Lilly Rose Munyoro, and Lillian Chido Munyoro, under the guise of receiving vegetable seedlings.

“The suspects locked up the victim in one of the huts and stripped her naked,” said National police spokesperson, Commissioner Paul Nyathi. “They took turns to assault the victim with sticks and went on to insert three sticks into her private parts while recording a video.”

The brutality of the attack is difficult to comprehend. The suspects’ actions, fueled by a disturbing combination of cruelty and disregard for human dignity, left the victim unconscious. The suspects then poured water on her before finally releasing her at 3pm.

The video, which has since been widely condemned, is a stark reminder of the dangers of unchecked violence and the need for greater awareness and action against gender-based violence in our society.

“The arrest of the suspects led to the recovery of a Vivo cellphone which had been used to record the incident,” Commissioner Nyathi added.

While Vimbai Mike remains in police custody, the other four suspects, being juveniles, have been released into the custody of their parents. They will all face the full force of the law as the case progresses through the judicial system.

The victim, Mavis Mada, is currently receiving medical attention at Mount St Mary’s Hospital. Her recovery, both physically and emotionally, is a priority for the community and the authorities.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police implores the public to settle disputes amicably without resorting to violence,” Commissioner Nyathi emphasized. “The law will take its course in this case without fear or favour.”

The Wedza community is grappling with the disturbing reality of this incident. Residents are expressing a mixture of shock, anger, and concern.

“This is not the Wedza we know,” said a local villager, who wished to remain anonymous. “We are a peaceful community, and this kind of violence is unacceptable. We need to stand together and ensure that justice is served.”

The incident has also sparked a renewed call for stronger measures to address gender-based violence in Zimbabwe. Many are calling for increased awareness campaigns, stricter laws, and better support services for victims.

“We need to teach our young people about respect, empathy, and the importance of treating each other with dignity,” said a local community leader only identified as Sekuru Vhirimu. “We also need to provide more support to victims of violence, so they can heal and rebuild their lives.”


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