Mutasa man’s snakes leak family members at night, court ruling orders pastor to let congregant visit a sangoma


A chilling tale of sorcery, family feuds, and a clash of beliefs has ripped through the Nyamukoda family in Mutasa, leaving them fractured and seeking answers in the ancient traditions of their ancestors. The dispute, which recently landed in Chief Mutasa’s community court, centres around accusations of witchcraft levelled against Lovemore Nyamukoda, a devout Christian, by his cousin brother, Itai, The Manica Post has reported.

Itai claims that Lovemore possesses snakes that lick family members, especially children, in their sleep, causing undiagnosable illnesses. The accusations, he says, were revealed by a traditional healer, who explained that snakes are incapable of licking due to the structure of their tongues.

“The snakes lick us in our sleep. This has reduced us to being ‘good for nothing’ people in the community. The family members who are licked by the snakes, especially children, become afflicted with diseases that cannot be diagnosed,” Itai told the court, his voice laced with fear and desperation.

He further alleges that Lovemore possesses a sandawana, a powerful traditional object believed to bring luck and prosperity, which he claims has been used to siphon away the family’s blessings.

“He has censured and muted the ancestors’ hearts and blessings against us. Now the ancestors only favour him, and all we get is bad luck. After exposing his secrets, he is now adamant and is refusing to consult traditional healers with us to rectify these problems. He is very greedy and wants to personalise our blessings from our ancestors,” Itai lamented, accusing Lovemore of using his supposed powers for personal gain.

He also alleges that Lovemore practices mubobobo, a form of sorcery, which he claims has been used to terrorise both male and female members of the Nyamukoda family.

“I have been working for a prominent organisation in Mutare for 20 years, but look at me, I do not look like someone who stays in the city. My salary cannot cater for all my family needs. The entire family is struggling because our ancestors have been turned against us by this man,” he said, placing the blame squarely on Lovemore’s alleged actions.

Lovemore, however, vehemently denies all accusations. He dismisses the claims of snakes, goblins, and a sandawana, asserting his Christian faith as a shield against such practices.

“I am a Christian, how would I in my right mind consult ancestors and turn them against anyone. I believe in one true God, and my church does not allow me to partake in such activities,” he stated, his voice firm and resolute.

He further argues that it was common knowledge that Itai’s late father possessed a sandawana, not him, and questions why Itai would target him with these accusations.

“We are cousins, and growing up, it was a well-known fact that his late father had a sandawana. So why should he bother and frog march me from one traditional healer to the other? Besides, I am a devoted Christian, and visiting a traditional healer or delving in any sorcery activities violates my religious righteousness and beliefs,” he said, emphasizing his unwavering faith.

Chief Mutasa, presiding over the matter, was not swayed by Lovemore’s denials. He ordered Lovemore to consult traditional healers, alongside his family, to investigate the alleged problems and find a resolution.

“We do not want to always accuse others for our own shortcomings. Also everyone has their own right to worship, and so we cannot force him to visit traditional healers with you. However, we will contact his pastor and ask that he be allowed to accompany you,” Chief Mutasa said, seeking a compromise between the conflicting beliefs.

The case was adjourned, leaving the Nyamukoda family in a state of uncertainty. The accusations of sorcery have cast a dark shadow over their lives, tearing them apart and leaving them grappling with fear, suspicion, and the weight of their ancestors’ wrath.

Whether the accusations are true or a product of family strife remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: the Nyamukoda family, once united by blood, is now divided by suspicion and the chilling whispers of ancient powers.

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