‘I failed to sleep after a ‘thing’ came out of businessman’s pocket and defecated in my office’


A BUSINESSLADY has been arrested after she sent WhatsApp messages to a businessman accusing him of a ‘thing’ which reportedly came out of his pocket and defecated on the shop floor causing her to vomit and experience nightmares.

According to official documents in possession of B-Metro, the director of Quality Zone Enterprises Ephraim Dube (69) and his wife visited Maggie Maphosa (57) at her shop for a business deal with her.

After the meeting, Dube and his wife left.

On the same day in the evening while he was sitting at his home with his wife Dube received a WhatsApp message from Maphosa accusing him of witchcraft.

“I hardly slept well, the thing that you brought to the shop caused me to have nightmares. I don’t know whether it was something that you always carry with you,” Maphosa said through a WhatsApp message.

Maphosa did not stop there, she sent another acerbic message to Dube.

“I do not know whether you had come to kill me with it. Please come and clean where it defecated,” Maphosa texted.

Dube who was in the dark about the said “thing” responded by saying: “Angikwazi ukuthi likhuluma ngani. Angizwisisi elikukhulumayo. (I do not know what you are talking about and I don’t understand what you are saying).”

The seemingly worried Maphosa sent another WhatsApp message saying the “thing” hit her.

“After you caught your thing and put it back into your pocket it had already hit me because after that I vomited bile,” she said in a WhatsApp message.

Dube said: “Recently my wife and I went to Maphosa’s workplace after we were told that she had come to enquire about CMT at our company. We got to her work place and discussed a business deal. After that she escorted us to the gate. Joyce claimed to my sister that the thing popped out of my pocket and jumped around and defecated on her office floor on the day we were at her business premises.”

Dube did not take kindly to witchcraft accusations and reported the matter at Khumalo police station leading to the arrest of Maphosa.

She is set to appear in court.

— BMetro

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