Musician Franco Slomo Dhaka speaks on rejoining Alick Macheso’s Orchestra Mberikwazvo reports


SUNGURA musician Francis Dhaka, popularly known as Franco Slomo in music circles, has vowed to keep pushing ahead with his solo career despite the challenges he is facing in the wake of the Covid-19 national lockdown.

This comes amid swirling rumours that the celebrated dancercum-vocalist was pining for another chance to rejoin Alick Macheso’s Orchestra Mberikwazvo where he made his name as a dancer and backing vocalist before going solo.

Rumours of Slomo’s alleged push to reunite with his former paymaster Macheso have been fuelled by Zakaria Zakaria’s recent decision to end his solo career and retrace his way back to Orchestra Mberikwazvo.

“Only those artists without talent consider going back. As for me, I have all that it takes to be a complete musician hence there is no way, at all, I am going back to Macheso,” the 41-year old musician told the Daily News.

Noel Nyazanda and chanter Jonasi Kasamba were the first to retrace their footsteps back to Macheso’s camp prior to Zakaria. The Extra Kwazvose front man was not happy with the pressure being exerted on him to rejoin Orchestra Mberikwazvo, a musical outfit that ushered him into the limelight.

“People should stop spreading falsehoods. My band has experienced stunted growth because of these falsehoods peddled by naysayers. My fans have been told that I have quit the band to rejoin Macheso, which is not true.

The rumours have affected the band’s progress,” he said. To show that he has no plans to dump his solo career, the nimble footed dancer-cummusician has lined up new singles expected on the market before mid-year. “I will launch three singles, Hauna Zera Neni, Usandidaro and another that is still to be titled. The songs seek to inform my loyal fans and naysayers that Extra Kwazvose is going nowhere and is here to stay,” he said.

Born in Victoria Falls, Slomo, who has released four studio albums to date — Ndizvo Zviripo, Zvepasi Rino, Zvipo Zvedu and Chiringenzira — said like most Zimbabweans he is doing “everything possible” to put food on his family table during this Covid-19 national lockdown.

“The lockdown has affected almost everyone in the country and beyond … we are all struggling to make ends meet and we are hoping that the situation will improve soon.” Slomo and three instrumentalists ― Obert Gomba, Kasamba and Nyazanda ― left Orchestra Mberikwazvo in 2013 to form Extra Kwazvose.

However, the group experienced some squabbles along the way, forcing other members to go back to Macheso’s band, leaving Slomo struggling to keep the outfit the going.

— DailyNews

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