Reconsider lavish offer of US$200,000 car and US$300,000 mansion from Chivayo: Mteki begs Mapfumo


African roots musician and sculptor-cum-businessman Bryn Taurai Mteki has approached Chimurenga musician Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo to reconsider businessman Wicknell Chivayo’s pledge.

Last month Chivayo offered Mukanya a gift comprising a $200 000 luxury car and a $300 000 residence if he apologised for siding with the opposition.

Chivayo has been on a spending spree, gifting Zanu PF-affiliated musicians and influences with top-of-the range vehicles from Exquisite Car Dealership.

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However, Mapfumo turned down the offer saying he was better off without the lavish donation from Chivayo.

“There are people, including artists that are being spoiled by Chivayo,” Mukanya said.

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“We are watching them. It’s not his (Chivayo’s) money, that’s Zanu PF money.

“He is being used to splash money on cars to the party loyalists by a force working in the background.

“People should not adore him and think that he is wealthy and a hard worker because it’s not his money.”

Mapfumo said he could have been part of the elite class within the ruling party.

“I was arrested for supporting these people (Zanu PF) during the war of liberation,” he said.

“I was incarcerated by the Rhodesian government for singing protest music.

“If I continued supporting these people, today I could be part of the rich elites.

“You could be calling me ‘mbinga’ with farms, properties and money at the expense of the poor taxpayers.

“However, I chose to stand with the people. We are in these positions to protect people and to represent the rights of citizens.”

Pre-independence, Mapfumo was imprisoned without charges under the white-dominated Rhodesian regime.

However, Mteki believes otherwise and approached Mukanya to reconsider his decision.

“I just think Mudhara Mukanya should rethink his choice and get the offer from Chivayo,” Mteki told Standard Style.

“I reached out to him and told him that Chivayo was only rewarding him for his talent outside politics.

“He is a known critic of corruption and accepting the offer will not stop him from addressing issues around corruption.”

Popularly known as Sekuru Tau, Mteki who surprised all and sundry when he threw his hat into the ring for the July 31, 2018 presidential election as an Independent candidate, said he got such similar benevolence from Phillip Chiyangwa.

“At some point of my career I was rewarded by Mudhara Chiyangwa, but I never turned him down, I accepted the offer knowing that he was only rewarding my talent,” Mteki said.

“I have vast tracts of land here in Harare that I got from Mudhara Chiyangwa and there was no way I could turn him down because of his links to a certain political party.

“Similarly, Mukanya should just accept Chivayo’s offer and move on with life.

“Chivayo never said Mukanya was poor, but it was something that he has longed for, to support Mukanya who happens to be one of his favourite musicians.”

Mteki said Mukanya should even request for land to build his own arts centre just like what Tuku did with his Pakare Paye Arts Centre project.

Mapfumo, who could not be reached on Friday, claims returning to Zimbabwe will put his life in danger. Zimbabwe Independent.

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