The horrific injury suffered by Luis Garrido


All professional footballers know that injuries are part of the risks they need to be aware of. The best players of this sport are featured for making online bet on 1xBet website, where the best odds can be found.

Some injuries like a fracture or a torn ligament can be career-changing. However, when many of those situations occur at the same time, the career and even the life of the player can be at risk.

That’s exactly what happened to Honduran footballer Luis Garrido. The 16th of November 2015 is a day that certainly he will never forget, because that’s when a moment that put not only his career but also his life in danger occurred. Right now, on the 1xBet website feel free to make any online bet you want on the best footballers playing in many competitions around the world.

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Honduras vs Mexico

On the aforementioned day, Garrido was part of the Honduran national squad that played a qualifier against Mexico. The Mexicans won the contest 2-0. However, the final result was largely forgotten after what happened to the Honduran footballer. The best football online betting available on 1xBet can also be used to wager on all these qualifying contests.

In a seemingly irrelevant play, Mexican midfielder Javier Aquino fell over the Honduran. Nothing seemed to be too out of the ordinary at that moment. However, the replays shown on TV showed a very bad and painful situation. The highly rewarding online football betting options available on 1xBet can be used to start wagering on all matches played by these teams.

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From those images it was possible to see that Aquino landed over Garrido’s leg. In fact, it seemed that the Honduran’s right knee was bent 90 degrees in the opposite direction to the natural one.

Serious consequences

Even the medical staff of the Mexican team went to help the Honduran midfielder. You know that things are really serious when even the doctors from the opposing side assist an injured player. For less serious things, you can always go to the and try some highly entertaining and rewarding slot machines.

The player was taken to a hospital, and the studies quickly revealed the magnitude of the injury. Specifically, the consequences of that accidental play were:

  • several tendons detached from the knee;
  • all four ligaments that give support to the knee were torn apart;
  • and there was even risk to the arteries and nerves that go through the area.

Thankfully, due to the great job made by many doctors, the player was able to return to professional football. After 13 months of rehabilitation, recovery, and surgeries, he was able to be on a football field once again. The 1xBet website also has fantastic casino games that can be used for winning great rewards.

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