Top MLB Players for 2023


When you didn’t have any statistics in the MLB back in the day, it was hard to notice who had the potential. So, people estimated that just hitting the ball or throwing it fast is the whole point of the game. Nowadays, thousands of statistics for each match are being recorded, and we have a clear indication of who can perform great in the next season.

You can predict who will be drafted for the next season, but be careful when placing the bets online. Always check the online casino reviews so you can know if they are legit. But all eyes are on a few players that got the best statistics, and we will probably see them in some of the top teams in the league.

Eury Perez

There is already one Perez worth over $10 million a year in MLB, but this isn’t his cousin. Eury Perez is 20 years old, and he will probably be one of the best players in the near future. Being only 20 and 6 foot 8, you would expect his throw to be excellent, but it’s just over 90, which is an average for the best throwers in the league.

His height is his biggest problem nowadays, but that can be changed after he gets some experience in the league. This issue can be seen through his results because, with 18 starts, he only walks every three innings.

Jackson Chourio

The youngest on the list is Jackson Chourio, who everyone knows from the minor league because he had an outstanding performance in all his games. He’s only 19 but already 6 foot 7, but not like Perez, that struggles with his height. Jackson is very athletic, which can be seen in the minor league when he was 18 and managed to get 16 bases stolen and 20 home runs.

He’s a pure talent for the sport, and everything depends on the team that will take him. His much younger than his opponents, so he also gets struck out a lot. That shouldn’t be an issue when he gets someone from the top teams to train with him.

Francisco Alvares

This is a player that already got a great deal with the most famous club in the world. The Mets decided to take him on when they needed someone with right-handed batting skills. He might be only 21, but there’s no doubt that he is a strong young man. This is what they are looking for, but not at the moment, which is the reason why we are not hearing a lot about him.

They are waiting for the right moment, and he’s working on his batting skills. Having a hard time in the minor leagues, strikeouts have always been a part of his games, but it’s not something that will be a part of his future.

Gunnar Henderson

One of the most talked about players, even as a 42nd pick three years ago, Gunnar is still gaining a tremendous amount of skill in the past couple of years. He only started last season and already has 34 games under his sleeve. He is trying to become the player that you can rely on. When playing the third base, he managed to get four home runs.

He might be the one you can rely on, but he also has one issue, like every player. His biggest problem is the left-handed pitchers. Being only 22, there’s still time to get experienced and resolve the issues.

Corbin Carroll

Twenty-two years old Corbin has over 140 minor league games, which is great for an upcoming player. The reason why he isn’t at the top of the list is that his biggest problem is the injury he got as a young player. But, even with the past injury, he did amazing for Arizona in 32 games played, getting four home runs and two steals.

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