Where Can I Get the Cryptocurrency List Price?


Due to the absence of control on the part of the government over crypto assets, their prices are incredibly volatile. Crypto rates do not depend on governmental decisions or any bank’s regulations. Let’s see what pushes crypto prices up and down:

  • the situation in the world’s economy;
  • some local restrictions on crypto trading and mining imposed by states;
  • supply and demand;
  • complexity of mining;
  • investors’ sentiment;
  • the market trend;
  • inflation.

The high crypto prices volatility brings a lot of earning opportunities for investors: they can buy coins at a low price and then resell them when their value grows. However, trading is much more complicated and requires thorough knowledge of the market and the ability to analyse price indicators and charts.

Looking at a crypto chart, a trader understands how crypto prices changed over time and finds historical indicators to rely on. Also, a trader sees the price’s support and resistance levels in specific periods. These all help understand the next price movement and prospects for every particular crypto asset.

Where to Check Current Prices on Crypto?

The WhiteBIT crypto exchange platform offers a list of cryptocurrencies prices and crypto charts to check the rate fluctuations and analyse assets’ value. The platform supports all popular crypto coins and offers over 400 crypto pairs. The transaction fee is minimal – 0,10%, regardless of the amount you trade with. You can also choose fiat currencies and see how they correlate with crypto coins on charts, as well as buy digital assets using real money from your bank card. The exchange offers a convenient calculator that gives traders current prices and helps them calculate trades quickly and efficiently in real-time.

Check out the crypto price list on WhiteBIT, and welcome to the WhiteBIT community, where you can find out a lot of interesting facts about the industry, open new promising crypto projects, and become a part of the WhiteBIT family.

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