Is It Legal to Play at Sloterman France?


Sloterman France is a website dedicated to providing bettors with information on different betting platforms, the various forms of betting entertainment, developers of slot games, and general guidelines for a good betting session. On the Sloterman website, you can get access to reviews of slot machines, tournaments, promotions, and bonuses from various online casinos.

Bettors can learn various things about different casinos before they register and play at them. You can find information with regards to the best online casinos to wager at, the best casinos to bet real money, various payment methods in gambling, and online casino laws.

Is Online Gambling Legal in France?

In France, there are regulations guiding all forms of gambling. On the other hand, brick-and-mortar operations feature casino games, card games, racing betting, and sportsbooks. On the other hand, online operations provide all the same with the exception of casino games. Therefore, gambling is well tolerated in France.

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However, there are still some issues. Gambling sites with licenses find it difficult to stay afloat because of the excessive regulation and high taxes. For example, about half of the sites that got their licenses in 2020 are no longer in the market as a result of the harsh policies and regulations.

Besides that, poker pots and sports bets have high taxes which affect players as well. That has led to a good number of gamers switching to unlicensed foreign platforms

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So, that leaves players with two legal options since there are currently no laws prohibiting people from using unlicensed sites: playing at licensed sites or playing at unlicensed sites. If what you see on licensed legal French gaming sites is okay with you, you can stick with that. If not, there are a variety of options to select from.

How Is Online Gambling Regulated in France?

The gambling law in France before 2010 was restrictive in nature. However, with a lot of pressure from the European Union, the government of France changed its position and passed Law number 2010-476 – the Gambling Act. This act granted the Regulatory Authority for Online Games (ARJEL) the power to regulate and license French online gambling activities.

This Act made the previously existing government monopoly obsolete while opening the French market to competition from other foreign gaming sites. This situation was followed by the release of licenses to 35 different companies after their applications were approved. They became the first non-governmental agency to provide gambling services like sports betting, online poker, and horse racing betting.

Nonetheless, in spite of this breakthrough, traditional casino games like slot machines, roulette, and table games were not included in this license because the French politicians thought they were going to be over-addictive. Therefore, French-licensed gambling sites do not offer traditional casino games.

Companies that got licenses include PokerStars, Everest Poker, and Party Poker. Approximately 12 sports betting companies also got their licenses, but taxes were still a major problem for players. The Gambling Act introduced high taxes on both sports betting and poker betting. Poker pots receive 2% tax plus the rake poker sites remove from the pots. Presently, gamers pay above 7.5% in total rake, compared to the industry average of 4–5% on every pot.

Furthermore, sports betting received a tax rate of 8.5% on all bets. As you can see, poker and sports betting suffer from high tax rates. This has led to the collapse of plenty of poker sites because of the harsh tax laws. Additionally, the Act does not allow French players to play with players outside of France when using a French-licensed poker site. That has led to a lot of bettors choosing unlicensed sites in other countries, which has stifled the French gambling market.

Is It Legal to Play at Sloterman France?

Strictly speaking, Sloterman France is not a casino operator as information gathered from the website indicates that they don’t call for gambling, are not casino operators, and don’t advertise gambling. It is only an informational website, providing visitors with data about casino sites that are reputable where they can place their bets. However, they encourage visitors to abide by the gambling laws in their country, and for visitors not up to 18, the site asks them not to bet in a casino. Finally, when ranking casinos on Sloterman France, licensing is one feature they consider.


Gambling in France has a lot of potential, but with the high tax rate and strong regulation, most licensed online casinos face harsh market conditions. Sloterman France is not strictly a casino platform; it provides information on reputable and secure sites where people can gamble. However, they encourage visitors to adhere to the gambling laws of their country.

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