CIO accused by Baba Jukwa of killing Solomon Mujuru admits that Mujuru's death was planned


Zanu PF youth member and youth empowerment activist Fidelis Fengu who was in 2013 accused by Baba Jukwa of allegedly killing both General Solomon Mujuru and outspoken Chindori-Chininga has spoken out.

What is of interest is that Fengu, who according to Baba Jukwa, was labelled a very dangerous man, has acknowledged that the Late General Solomon Mujuru did not perish in a natural accident. Instead, he unlike many other Zanu PF officials, believes foul play was involved. What is however shocking is that he clears himself of any wrongdoing but accuses the former vice president Joice Mujuru of allegedly having a hand in the death of her husband Solomon Mujuru who died in 2011 in a mysterious inferno.

Fengu, who is believed to be a member of the dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation )(CIO) said Solomon Mujuru’s ruthless murder might have been done for the widow (Joice) to have overall right to inherit all Solomon’s estate without other beneficiaries such as children born out of wedlock interfering in the sharing of the property.

This comes at a time when the Mujuru family is embroiled in a bitter estate wrangle where the former vice president is being accused of hiding her late husband’s will in order to block other children from getting their share from their father’s wealth.

About 90 children have reportedly surfaced and are claiming a share of their father’s wealth. Not only are the children alien to the fired Vice President Joice Mujur, even Solomon Mujuru’s brothers and other family members do not know any of the 90 children, save for the 9 well known children who even Joice is aware of. Solomon’s surviving brother, Joel Mujuru described the unknown 90 children as street kids who just want to reap where they did not sow.

Fengu posted on his facebook wall that he was worried about how General Mujuru died a tragic death.

“Who stood to benefit from the death of the General?” he asked.

“My answer is simple….. Whoever is in control of the General’s estate is likely to be the highest beneficiary…. Who wanted to fix the General or had a score to settle with the General…..My answer is also simple …. Dr Joice Mujuru at one point addressing young people who had gathered at UZ in 2014 once said she at one time wanted to fix the General this is verbatim by the way …. “

Fengu queried why Joice would want to fix her wealthy husband.

“Well maybe because he preferred to have several other women …. or maybe because no matter what she did or achieved she was still over shadowed by the late Great General Rex,” he said.”

Fengu questioned Mai Mujuru’s innocence regarding General Mujuru’s death. He also accused Baba Jukwa of being a staunch Mai Mujuru supporter and tried covering up Mai Mujuru’s evil actions over her husband’s death.

“How innocent or clean is this widow… Why would Baba Jukwa a proMai Mujuru character be the first to point fingers…. Unless if it was a cover up.”

But in July 2013, Baba Jukwa said he knew what exactly happened when Solomon Mujuru was “forced” to meet his creator. Baba Jukwa also accused Fengu of burning Gedion Gono’s farm.

“What truly caused the death of Retired General Solomon Mujuru remains an issue of important national inquiry. Some of us who are in the know find it difficult to suppress that information and it is high time the truth has to come out,” wrote Baba Jukwa in 2013.

Fengu responded and said:

“What scares me the most is that at one time, I was accused by a [Facebook] faceless character, Baba Jukwa, of plotting the death of the General [Solomon Mujuru] and (the late former Guruve South MP Edward) Chindori-Chininga and now with this reputation created, this could cause a very serious threat.”

Fengu said he is now ready to get deeper with what really led to General Solomon Mujuru’s death.

“And some might say shallow or otherwise…. for me its just an icebreaker…. Lets talk about the General’s death….” he said.

But one Mbya Bvukumbwe said Fengu was in the best position to know who killed Solomon and he must not divert attention and information.

“Its more dangerous in that the person who killed Tongogara, Chindori Chininga… and who recently abducted Itai Dzamara is the person who killed Gen Mujuru,” he said.

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