‘I came home from work early and found my best friend on my bed, between my wifǝ’s legs’


Dear Aunty Lisa

My best friend and I have known each other from high school days.

But four weeks back, I came home early, went into my bedr00m and found him on the bed, between my wife’s legs. They were both in their birthday suits.

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My instant reaction was to get a machete from the back of the house. But within a few seconds, I realised that that would be a wicked thing to do. So I poured myself a small drink and just sat down on the verandah.

After a few minutes, both came outside fully clothed. My wife was crying, and she tried to hug me. My friend was saying ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’ And he tried to shake my hand. But I just yelled at him.

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After half an hour, I calmed down and we all sat down and tried to talk it over. My wife begged my forgiveness. But I did not give in.

They both said that it was the first time that they had been to bed. My friend said that he had just called around with some grocery supplies for us. He said that the two of them had suddenly started k!ss!ng – and then ‘fallen into bǝd.’

Well Aunty, since that afternoon, things have been very difficult at home. I have not been able to have ƨǝx with my wife, though she has begged me to. One good thing was that last week her mensǝs arrived, so at least we know that she is not prǝgnɑnt by my friend!

At the moment, we hardly touch each other. And since that terrible day, I have not been able to say ‘I l0ve you’ to her. But I do, I really do, Aunty. Also, she keeps saying she l0ves me and not the other guy.

Why did my lifelong friend betray our friendship, and sǝduce my wife? Did the ƨǝx really happen only once, as my wife claims? What can I do to get my mɑrriɑgǝ back on track?

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