I opened the door & met the most horrific sight in my life, my maid was on t0p of my son having ƨex


Dear Aunty Lisa

My husband is not always at home as his job takes him out of the country for many months and I have to take care of the kids as well as the home.

Because of my job, I decided to employ a full-time housemaid who will help around the house and take care of the kids when they came back from school.

It was one of my colleagues at work who introduced me to the woman who ran an agency that gave out maids. That was how I got to employ a 25-year-old girl, after interviewing about four of them.

Samantha was the most competent of the ladies as she could speak better English and also told me she had a child, so I just felt it was natural to employ her as she would know how to take care of children.

I called my husband to tell him about the lady and he said since I was sure of her, I should go ahead and employ her. And that was how Samantha started working and living with me, a decision I have come to regret deeply.

You will be surprised that I caught my housemaid and after much prodding, my 20-year-old son told me they have been having ƨǝx for a long time. It all started barely two days after she came to stay with us.

I had noticed that for some time now, my son who was always boisterous and very playful had been recoiling and hardly played with his siblings and his friend who often thronged our house.

His teacher had called me the other day to tell me he was becoming withdrawn and did not participate much in class. I questioned him to find out what the problem was but he told me there was nothing wrong with him. I wanted to take him to the hospital for a check up but he told me he was okay.

But everything came crashing when I returned from the market one Saturday and met my kids outside playing. I did not see my first son and when I asked his siblings where he was, I was told that aunty Samantha had called him inside.

Without even thinking, I went straight to her room and pushed the door open and met the most horrific sight in my life. There was my housemaid, a 22-year-old mother on top of my 20-year-old son having ƨǝx.

I must have passed out momentarily after I screamed because, by the time I came to, I saw my neighbours gathered around me on my sitting room settee. I managed to come out of coma fully and gathered myself together.

When my neighbours asked me what happened, I lied that I was just weak and passed out. I did not want to reveal the dirty secret and calamity that had befallen me.

I called my son and Samantha into my room and queried them and all she could do was to cry and beg me for forgiveness, blaming the devil for her action and promising never to repeat such again.

Right now, I don’t know the trauma the whole thing might have caused for my son. I had wanted to hand Samantha over to the police but my husband called and told me not to.

He said I should wait till he comes back though I fear what he could do to the girl because he does not play with his children.

But I fear something untoward is happening to my son as he is no longer himself.

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