‘I can’t stop slǝǝping with this mɑrried man. He has a big ɑnaconda & he knows how to use it’

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Dear Aunty Lisa,

I am writing to you for advice. I have gotten myself into a difficult situation. For the past 6 months, I have been having an ɑffɑir with a well-endowed mɑrried man. At first it started innocently enough, but we soon began slǝǝping together regularly.

I know I should not be doing this. He is mɑrried with children and I am hurting his wife. But I can’t seem to break things off with him. The relɑtionship is passionate and intoxicating. He has a very big anaconda and he knows how to use it. Every time we part, I think I will end it for good this time, but then he calls me again and I go running back.

I worry this is affecting my own personal life and goals. I have lost focus on my work and other friendships. All I think about is seeing him again. I know morally this is very wrong, yet I seem unable to stop. The pull I feel to be with him is so strong.

Please give me some wise words of advice. How can I find the strength and clarity to end this ɑffɑir and do the right thing? I feel caught up in my emotions and desire, and need to step back and see things clearly again.

Thank you in advance for any insight you can offer. I feel ashamed for putting myself in this situation and need guidance to find my way out.




Aunty Lisa’s Advice:

Dear Norma,

Thank you for your open and honest letter. I know this situation must be difficult for you, but the first step to resolving it is recognizing you want to make a change.

My advice is simple: end the ɑffɑir immediately, for good. You know continuing it is wrong and hurting others. You must find the moral courage within yourself to cut off all contact, for your own sake as well as his wife and children.

Focus on your own goals and values. Remind yourself of who you truly want to be and what really matters to you. Reconnect with friends and activities that bring you joy. With time and distance, your intense fǝǝlings for this man will fade and you’ll see more clearly the harm this relɑtionship has caused.

You can do this. Make a firm decision today, block his number, and don’t look back. You’ll feel relieved once you take that difficult first step. Don’t beat yourself up – just resolve to make wiser choices going forward. I hope this helps – please write again if you have any other questions. You’ve got this!


Aunty Lisa

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