The Best Films About Lottery Winners


We all like going to the cinema and being amazed by filmmakers from Hollywood or Europe. In addition to well-known blockbusters, there are also titles in which the protagonists unexpectedly win the lottery. What doesn’t sound particularly exciting at first glance is implemented in an impressive way on film. Many of the lottery winners in the films mentioned here made us cry, laugh, but also think. It is not uncommon for inspiring films to change one’s own life. Just like winning the lottery can. Because suddenly everything turns upside down and the known world often changes fundamentally.

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Lottery ticket (2010)

Kevin Carson, played by American rapper Bow Wow, lives a humble life. Every day is tough and he has to see how he can make ends meet. But all that changes in one fell swoop when he wins $370 million with his lottery ticket. Despite attempts to keep his win a secret, many get wind of Kevin’s win. Unfortunately, the lottery shop is now closed for three days. The result is a wild film about Kevin Carson and the people who absolutely want to get his lottery ticket.

Lotto (2017)

Lotto was produced in Switzerland. In this tragic comedy, Walter gives up his battle with cancer and prepares for his death. The doctors only gave him one weekend left. So Walter waits for the end. To make his father happy, his son Philipp invents the story of his father winning the lottery – and the rest of the family plays along. Walter is then overjoyed. But as is usual in such cases, the scam is exposed, which only brings the family closer together. Funny, sad and a lot of food for thought is in the current work by Micha Lewinsky.

$2 Million Tip (1994)

Starring Nicolas Cage, it’s about a cop, a waitress and a lottery ticket. When cop goes to pay Charlie, he realizes he doesn’t have a tip. To make up for this, however, he promises the waitress Yvonne, played by Bridget Fonda, that he will give her half if he wins the lottery. As luck would have it, Charlie wins four million dollars. The cop keeps his word and shares his profits. In fact, the story is based on true events. A police officer named Robert Cunningham also shared his $6 million winnings. He also didn’t have a tip on hand for the waitress at a pizzeria.

Million (2013)

Not everyone dreams of winning the lottery. Torsten is in his early 40s and likes his life the way it is. He has a happy marriage with his wife Susanne and his son Lutz, who is 15, is a good friend. Since his colleagues constantly annoy him, he finally buys a lottery ticket to have peace and quiet. But his world changes dramatically when he hits the €22 million lottery jackpot. He had never thought about what could be done with so much money. Because Torsten doesn’t like changes. But these are happening right now. Because it seems as if everyone knew what to do with such a lot of money – except Torsten himself. Millions are about the downsides that winning the lottery can trigger.

Luke’s Luck (2010)

Luk is part of a German-Turkish family in Hamburg. When he finds out about winning the lottery, he jumps into a rapeseed field in a frenzy of joy. This is where the German-Turkish tragic comedy starts. Because Luk wants to do something special with the prize. He has an adored amateur singer named Gul. He would like to secretly enable her to produce an album and hopes to win her heart. Cousin Cem is supposed to help him produce a music video in Turkey. Meanwhile, his parents dream of returning home and want to buy a hotel there. But others also have ideas about what they want to do with Luk’s lottery win in the film produced by director Ayşe Polat.

Long Live Ned Devine (1998)

In the 52-strong village of Tullymore, there is a win in the weekly lottery. However, it is not known who is the lucky one. So the friends Michael O’Sullivan and Jackie O’Shea, along with his wife, go on a search. At the end they find the winner Ned Devine. However, this sits dead in front of his television – apparently he died of shock. He still has the winning ticket in his hand. Since it’s the middle of the night, the two friends decide, against the woman’s wishes, to claim the lottery win instead of Ned. Because he had no descendants and thus the money would be lost. As a result, the small village must be inaugurated in order to convince the lottery representative. If successful, the 7 million pounds are to be distributed to all villagers.

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