Dr Stop It blasts Ngwena, responds to Cleopas Chidodo’s apology, speaks on Bona & Simba’s properties


My Dear People.

THE Workers’ Day commemorations this year was yet another occasion that showcased the incompetence of the Ngwena regime and its dispensation of poverty, darkness and confusion.

At the commemorations held by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions the country’s International Labour Organisation laid bare the incompetence of Ngwena’s regime with the revelation that more than 100 000 workers lost their jobs in the first quarter of this year alone.

This is a far cry from Ngwena’s declaration, which he made soon after being catapulted into power on the back of guns and tanks and probably still excited by the smell of gunpowder when he said he would create “jobs, jobs, jobs.”

If anything, since he forced his way into power Scarfmore has created ‘joblessness, joblessness, joblessness.”

This level of job carnage would have never happened under the telescopic foresight and wise leadership of Gushungo.

Ngwena is finally realising that it takes more than guns and tanks to create jobs kkkkkk.

Such has been the level of failure that neither Ngwena nor his lieutenants attended Workers Day commemorations held by trade unions as they had nothing to show for what they have done for workers since bulldozing their way into power.

Instead, his regime this year created its own event to mark the day led by an affiliate Fitness Walk 4 ED which was officiated, by of all people, Generari.

To have Generari talk about workers rights when he has stifled protests by health workers with the threat of arrest and making plans to criminalise their employment by other countries in his capacity as the Health minister, was nothing short of stinking hypocrisy.

At a time when the majority of the country’s citizens are wallowing in poverty with the Zimbabwe dollar continuing to rapidly lose value and virtually every sector of the country’s economy in the doldrums, Ngwena decided that this was the ideal time to buy a brand new presidential jet.

Indeed Ngwena is the embodiment of being tone deaf.

At a time when the country’s health sector is in a state of collapse with lack of basic resources such as painkillers and bandages and at a time nearly half the country is facing starvation amid increasing levels of poverty, the last thing Ngwena should be seen buying is a jet.


This is the impoverished leadership of Ngwena that I warned you about my fellow Zimbabweans as I travelled the length and breadth of the country before the coup.

It was my duty to do so as a loving mother of the nation, who is far more caring for the country’s citizens than you know who.

This lack of sensitivity and probity is the reason the coup in 2017, which led to the removal of the wisdom-imbued Gushungo, should go down as one of the darkest eras of this country since independence in 1980.

The threats on dancehall artiste Winky D against singing his popular track Ibotso, which highlights the rot that has crippled the country and has worsened since Ngwena took over by state agents, shows that democracy is a stranger to this rabble that claims to be the second repubric.

That Ngwena’s regime spends time worrying about a song when it has so many national problems to address is indicative of the bankrupt leadership of Ngwena’s regime.

The persecution of Winky D as well as the arrest and conviction of Citizens Coalition for Change Job Sikhala, spokesperson Fadzai Mahere and Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume is ample demonstration of a regime that is not only clueless, but one scared of democracy.

I always knew that Ngwena’s promise to strengthen democracy when he barreled into power was a load of codswallop.

This regime would not recognise democracy even if it hit them in the backside.

I have taken note of the apology of Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) head of security Cleopas Chidodo who made the scurrilous allegations that I had smuggled diamonds and ivory out of the country in an Al Jazeera documentary.

To those who believed this nonsense and had wanted to use it to sully my reputation as the best ever first lady this country has ever had, I say munopenga!!!

Anyone who knows me undoubtedly has laughed off these ridiculous claims.

This is why I believe Chidodo when he says that his drinks were spiked because no one of sound mind could spew such hogwash.

When I first heard this madness, I could not help but have a sneaky suspicion that Ngwena and his coup gangstas were behind it kkkkk.

I could be wrong of course, but given their reputation, it cannot be put past this lot.

Joji has been boasting about the improved power supply on Twitter.

God help us!!!

It is laughable that a government official in the 21st century still boasts of being able to provide a basic right such as electricity.


This is what happens when incompetence becomes the norm and not the exception.

I see a lot of excitement around the properties that Bona and my errant son-in-law are tussling over.

Instead of saluting Gushungo for his hard work and making sure that his children don’t suffer after sacrificing 37 years of his life serving you, some of your ungrateful lot are calling it greed.

Munopengaaaa! Do you think if you discover the extent of Ngwena’s property portfolio you will say all this nonsense?

Gushungo chete chete

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

— The Standard

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