9 things you should never tell a woman


Here are 9 things you should never tell a woman.

  • Don’t criticize her appearance.

Never tell a woman she’s “getting/gotten fat” or needs to lose weight. Comments about a woman’s weight or appearance can be deeply hurtful, even if well-intentioned. Focus on appreciating her for who she is.

  • Don’t dismiss her feelings.

Saying “You’re overreacting” or “Calm down” invalidates a woman’s emotions. Listen without judgment and show her you understand. Telling a woman her feelings are due to “hormones” also diminishes them.

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  • Don’t criticize what makes her feel confident.

Resist criticizing a woman for wearing makeup, dressing up, or other behaviours that boost her self-confidence. Compliment the real her, not just her natural look.

  • Avoid implying she wants too much.

Refrain from telling a woman she “asks too many questions” or “wants too much.” Work on actively listening and responding supportively when she expresses needs.

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  • Don’t compare her to others.

Avoid comparing a woman to your ex or other women, even in a seemingly positive way. She will likely feel insecure and inadequate in the comparison.

  • Build her up, don’t break her down.

Focus on appreciating a woman for who she truly is. Compliment her personality, strengths and accomplishments – not just her looks.

  • Listen without judgment.

When a woman expresses emotions, listen sincerely and validate her feelings. Avoid criticizing or correcting her emotions. Judging-free listening and understanding go much further.

  • Respect her priorities.

Avoid implying a woman needs to choose between career and family/relationship goals. Women juggle multiple priorities every day – respect that.

  • The most loving thing is respect.

The most respectful – and loving – thing you can do is accept a woman for who she is, understand her emotions and priorities, and build up her confidence and self-worth. Focus on that instead of criticism.

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