Late mbinga Genius Ginimbi Kadungure’s grave sets tongues wagging


Ginimbi, a wealthy Zimbabwean businessman known for his lavish lifestyle and love of luxury cars, died tragically in a car crash in November 2020 at the age of 36. His flashy funeral attended by celebrities sparked an outpouring of grief across Zimbabwe and beyond.

However, over two years after his burial on the grounds of his opulent mansion, reports claim that Ginimbi’s grave lies neglected and forgotten. Sources say nothing has been done to maintain the grave since his burial, and there is no tombstone as promised by Ginimbi’s friends.

While denying that the grave has been abandoned, Ginimbi’s father acknowledges that the grave currently resembles how it was left after the burial. He says family members recently cleaned it up after hearing media organizations wanted photos.

Ginimbi’s father confirms that plans exist for a tombstone to mark Ginimbi’s final resting place. However, Ginimbi’s friends who volunteered to create the tombstone have yet to fulfill their promise or provide details about their plans.

It seems Ginimbi’s once extravagant lifestyle and lavish parties, attended by celebrities and wealthy socialites, have given way to an neglected grave with no tombstone to memorialize his untimely passing. While Ginimbi lived large during his life, the current state of his grave suggests that his wealth and fame may not have sustained beyond his tragic death.

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