The girl I dreamed about changed my life forever with just 4 little words

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Dear Aunty Lisa

I first saw her in the coffee shop near campus. She sat by the window, sunlight catching the auburn highlights in her dark hair. Our eyes met briefly before looking away, and that instant connection stayed with me.

Over the next few weeks, I saw her there often. We exchanged smiles, but never spoke. She became an ever-present thought in my mind, a warm feeling that accompanied me through the day.

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I knew I had to talk to her. Gathering my courage, I finally approached her table. “Hi, I’m Tinashe. May I join you?” She smiled and said of course.

We talked for hours that first day – about classes, favourite books, dreams for the future. I was enchanted by her kind soul and easy laugh. I wanted to know everything about this girl I couldn’t stop thinking about.

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I began arriving earlier to the coffee shop, hoping she’d be there. Her presence filled me with joy and inspiration, bringing light into my days. I fell deeply in l0ve, though I hadn’t even learned her name yet.

Weeks went by, and still we hadn’t progressed beyond casual conversation. I yearned to tell her how she consumed my every thought, but fear of rejection held me back.

One day she approached me, taking my hand in hers. “I’ve enjoyed talking with you,” she said. “But I have a b0yfriend.” Though my heart sank, I understood. She didn’t see me the way I saw her.

I walked home, resolved to smile at her still. For while my thoughts would never leave this girl, her mere existence in this world brought me wonder and hope. And that was enough.

Aunty Lisa responds:


My dear nephew,

I read the story of this special girl who has captured your heart so thoroughly. Though young l0ve feels breathtaking, I must remind you of a few things as your l0ving aunt:

Cherish her humanity above all. See her not just as an object of your affection, but as a whole person with desires, dreams and needs of her own. Honour her friendship, respecting any boundaries she sets.

Guard your heart wisely. Infatuation can fade as rapidly as it arose, while true intimɑcy takes time and vulnerability. Proceed carefully until your fǝǝlings are grounded in real understanding of who she is.

Learn from your longing. Your yearning reflects hopes within yourself, reminders of your capacity for devotion, joy and wonder. Let her unwitting teaching inspire self-growth, not self-pity.

Accept whatever she can freely give. If her heart lies elsewhere, honour that truth. Reframe your story not as unrequited l0ve, but one of shared humanity and innocent beginnings.

Trust the journey, not the destination. Whether your paths remain separate or entwine anew, this enlightening season has much to teach you. Keep your heart open to the wonders it reveals.

Most of all, remain hopeful. L0ve has a stubborn knack for finding its way, in ways we could never have anticipated from afar. But if not, know that your worth rests not in any one person, but in the depth of your spirit – a gift you bring to the world regardless.

Follow wisdom, nurture hope, stay open. The journey is its own reward, and leads us in the end to where we truly belong. I walk that path beside you, dear nephew, today and always.

With l0ve and faith in you,


Aunt Lisa

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