Drama as popular actor’s secret lula lula ɑffɑir with his maid yields results


ACTOR Zabron Kazani reportedly imprǝgnɑted his maid in a secret ɑffɑir before refusing to maintain her.

This has triggered conflict between him, the maid, Rachel Machona (19) and her mother.

Kazani is also alleged to have insulted Machona’s mother and she reported the issue to the village head and police.

It resulted in Kazani being fined and he was ordered to do a DNA test.

Kazani, who is popular for his ZBC series Zvazviri, admitted to the ɑffɑir, but denied insulting Machona’s mother.

He was ordered to pay a goat with an option of US$25 by the village court.

Machona, who says she is now two-and-a-half months prǝgnɑnt, said she was not happy with Zabron for his lack of interest in maintaining her.

“I started working at his house on October 5 last year as a domestic worker,” she exclusively told H-Metro.

“I was also doubling up by selling in his tuck-shop.

“He then started pr0p0sing to me, but I turned him down since we are somehow related.

“Akandinetsa until we agreed to dɑte secretly in November. What angers me most is that he doesn’t care about me anymore.

“It was a secret until I left their place, and now we are not in good books.”

She said she left after a fallout with Zabron’s wife.

“He has been pushing me away, although we had agreed that he would rent a place for me and look after his baby.

“He has been acting weird of late and he even insulted my mother.

“I took the matter up with the village head, Sabhuku Chirodza, on May 18 and he was fined.

“He came with his wife and she created a scene by throwing stones at me. He then said haachandida achiti ndirikuda kuuraya mukadzi wake.”

Zabron admitted to the secret ɑffɑir.

“Yes, l confirm that I once had a relati0nship with my maid behind my wife’s back.

“After having many ƨǝxuɑl encounters with her, she told me that she was prǝgnɑnt and I suggested that she finds a place to rent so that we could keep the secret from my wife.

“She then moved out of my house, but after that she went on to report the case to our village head and I was told to pay a goat.

“She went further and reported the issue to Chief Murape and I was told to pay US$25.

“She reported the case to the police, but they told her to wait for the baby to be born, then we do a DNA test so that she can apply for maintenance.

“She is now trying to force me to marry her because she is prǝgnɑnt and she even told my in-laws about the issue, which we had agreed to keep as a secret.”

— HMetro

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