ZAOGA founder Baba Ezekiel Guti left his followers a message they can’t forget before dying at 100


The late Archbishop Ezekiel Guti, founder of the massive ZAOGA FIF church, seems to have known his own ending was near. In his book “The African Apostle,” Guti warned his massive flock that they would be in trouble once he was gone.

“If people lean on me as their source of strength, they will be led astray when I am gone,” Guti wrote, adding that only those who followed his teachings closely would survive after his death.

The prophecy proved grimly accurate. Guti passed away on Wednesday, just months after celebrating his 100th birthday. Chairman Joseph Guti, announced the archbishop’s death on Ezekiel TV, the church’s media channel.

In his final words in the book, Guti predicted mockery and troubles for ZAOGA FIF once he passed: “Those who used to hear you saying God is present because the servant of God is present will laugh at you saying ‘Your God is gone’,” he wrote.

The tell-all book and eerie prediction raise questions about who can now lead the huge ZAOGA FIF congregation with the charisma and wisdom of their beloved founder now gone.

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