Sh0ck as Zanu PF member walks free after threatening political violence against neighbour


A sh0cking case of political bullying and intimidation has come to light in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare.

An 18-year-old resident, Sean Mukwinda, sought a protection order against his Zanu PF supporting neighbour Shadreck Chirenda, claiming the 36-year-old man had threatened to unleash ruling party thugs on him.

“He said he would have me dealt with because he has good connections with youths from the ruling party. He said he would make me suffer through physical torture until my parents pay for his gas tank,” Mukwinda told the court.

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But shameless Chirenda denied the accusations, dismissing the teenager as a thief who had stolen his gas tank.

“I have no reason to abuse this boy as he is saying,” the Zanu PF bully claimed. “He is trying to tarnish my name and that of our lovely party.”

However, the judge dismissed Mukwinda’s application for a protection order, citing lack of evidence.

The worrying case exposes the culture of impunity and political violence still rife in Zimbabwe, with ruling party supporters prepared to abuse their connections for petty gains.

While the alleged victim went without justice, the chilling threats he faced reveal the dangerous weaponization of Zanu PF’s youth gangs against ordinary citizens – simply to settle personal scores.

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