I’m seeing a flag at half-mast symbolising the death of someone special: Muvevi victim’s prophecy

Jaison Muvevi

CAN death in its “cruel” form be seen as confirmation of prophecy?

Remember Jaison Muvevi, the trigger-happy ex-cop whose killing spree in January this year claimed three lives, including that of Chrispen Kanerusine, popularly known as Madzibaba Sirage?

It seems Muvevi’s bullet was not just a kiss of death, but a confirmation of Sirage’s prophecy.

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Just before he was killed, Madzibaba Sirage prophesied about a “special” death, his own as it turned out.

“Ndaona muonde uyu waoma zvikakatyamadza vanhu (I am seeing this fig tree drying). I am seeing a flag at half-mast symbolising the death of someone special, I am seeing sect members leaving this shrine, scattered and joining other apostolic sects,” he said before being murdered.

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Months later, Madzibaba Sirage shrine does not only have the smell of death, but the last prophetic words of the prophet still echo both in spirit and in reality.

It is a late Thursday afternoon and the serenity around this apostolic sect shrine is confusing.

About eight months ago, at this hour, clad in their traditional white garments, sect members were trooping to the shrine in Negombwe Village, along Wedza-Mutiweshiri highway, attracting the attention of motorists and passers-by.

At night, the singing of congregants could be heard in the distance, even beyond the mountains of Chinyonga.

But it is no longer the case now.

This is the tragic situation at Madzibaba Sirage’s Johane Masowe eChishanu shrine as things have almost come to a halt.

The prophet was shot dead during a session at the shrine by Muvevi.

Muvevi, who is currently in custody, went on to kill two more people on the same day, among them a top police officer.

Another police officer sustained serious injuries from gunshots.

NewsDay Weekender this week visited Madzibaba Sirage’s shrine and spoke to members of the sect that still remain.

His shrine was deserted, with overgrown grass from neglect.

At the middle of the shrine were a few logs that were last lit before the death of the prophet.

Mysteriously, the spot where Kanerusine’s body lay when he was shot dead can be spotted as there is no grass or vegetation growing on it.

About 100m away is a new shrine that is currently being cleared, confirming that Kanerusine’s shrine has been abandoned.

Those living close to the shrine admitted that the death of Madzibaba Sirage was a major blow to the survival of the sect.

One of the sect’s supreme board members, popularly known as Mudare in apostolic circles, Elisha Chingwaru (55) narrated on how they had to leave for the new shrine and how things have taken a new twist.

“It took us three months to return to the shrine after that fateful day. At first, only men would come to hold prayers and go back home. There was no gathering,” he said.

Chingwaru said they were being guided by the holy spirit on where to worship after the death of the sect leader.

“As you know, we are guided by the holy spirit, we were told to move to a new place. Moreover, we were called by Headman Negombwe, who advised us to look for another place of worship. Culturally, it is not advisable to continue occupying a place where blood was spilled,” he said.

The new shrine is now being led by a prophetess identified as Madzimai Ellen.

He also revealed that some members had left to join other sects.

“It is not a secret, we have members who left after the death of Madzibaba Sirage, who formed their own sects. There are now two sects in Ruswa and Barnabas, whose leaders were from this sect.

“If a thing of that nature happens, people take it differently. Two prophets have also left, we also lost two vadare. I can say half of the members have left,” Chingwaru said.

He, however, downplayed the view that it could be the fulfilment of Kanerusine’s prophecy.

“Things are yet to return to normalcy, that is. We are not yet holding night vigils. We are just gathering to worship and disperse. There is a three-day event to be held and to be led by church leaders from all over Zimbabwe before normalcy returns.

“We accepted what happened at the shrine, but some interpreted it differently. I am confident that as time goes on, the sect members will troop back and fill the shrine again,” he said.

It is Chingwaru’s hope that things will return to normal, but to believers, Madzibaba Sirage’s prophecy seems to be solving the puzzle surrounding the current situation at the Negombwe shrine.

It is all because of Muvevi’s bullet that claimed the life of an influential sect leader whose shrine was an oasis of spiritual assistance for many.

— NewsDay

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