Showdown looms as Kasukuwere’s allies reveal their next move: Whether Mnangagwa likes it or not…

Cde Jim Kunaka

SAVIOUR Kasukuwere’s campaign team has said they are mobilising for a mass demonstration in all the provinces adding that the litigation route has proved to be futile.

Addressing the media in Harare Friday Jim Kunaka, one of the members leading Kasukuwere’s campaign said the judiciary system had proved to be an extension of Zanu PF.

This comes after the Supreme Court upheld a High Court ruling that nullified Kasukuwere’s Presidential bid.

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“Whether Mnangagwa likes it or not, we are going to do everything to make sure that our Presidential candidate appears on the ballot paper come August 23,” Kunaka said.

“There are issues that need a political solution so we have changed the gear now, we are now engaging into another level of politics.

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“We don’t care and we don’t mind that Mnangagwa claims to be the police, claims to be the army, claims to be the courts, judiciary,” he added.

Kunaka blasted Mnangagwa for using the courts to cherry-pick his competition ahead of the general elections.

“If he is going to deal with us let it be, what we want to see in Zimbabwe is a democracy, he should not choose an opponent to contest with, he is just like Saviour Kasukuwere.”

Kunaka said the credibility of this year’s election had been thrown into disarray through the weaponization of the law to chuck out presidential contestants.

“Already this election is a rigged election, rigged by the courts, he (Mnangagwa) is using the courts to send a signal that he is a winner already.

“Just imagine by dismissing those 12 MPs from CCC already Zanu PF has pocketed 12 uncontested MPs they have councillors and they already have senators,” fumed Kunaka.

The former Chipangano leader said there was a selective application of the law after the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) accepted nomination papers for Blessing Kasiyamhuru and Joseph Busha.

“There is Kasiyamhuru and Busha who do not stay in Zimbabwe yet they are on the ballot contesting to be president,” he underscored.

“We are going to mobilise our people across ten provinces sooner the letter. We are going to make this loud and clear that it’s now high time we take the bull by its horns.

“If it means they are going to kill us let it be, if they are going to arrest us let it be, jails are not meant for the animals they are meant for the people.”

Kunaka said plans were already in motion to mobilize Kasukuwere’s sympathizers across the country.

“So we are ready, we are going to make sure all our regional leaders across the country and our commissars will be mobilising for a very big event to follow.

“We will call you again in the next few days, giving a signal to our comrades in different provinces for the next move we are going to take.

“We are not going to bring people to Harare, we are going to make sure that all provinces that day they are going to gather at a certain place and demonstrate.”

According to the law, prior to a demonstration, there is a need to notify the authorities.

“We are going to hand in our petition to the relevant authorities. Our knuckles are itching for a bare fight until the end. We are not afraid of anyone else. We are Zimbabweans and we are allowed to demonstrate.

“We are not going to fold our hands, expect us to act as politicians, something is coming on board we are going to mobilise our people.

“We will notify them if they don’t accept our notification. We will go ahead. We are ready for anything on our way, we cannot have a revolution without obstacles and challenges,” he added.

— NewZimbabwe

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