Disturbing discovery shakes Girls High: Mysterious used coffin in locked room sets tongues wagging


THE case of a used coffin at Girls High School, which we carried in this newspaper this week, is quite sh0cking.

Authorities at the school in Harare came under the spotlight when an old coffin was found in a room.

The case, which trended on the internet on Wednesday, has caused a lot of concern among education chiefs, parents and students.

Reports say the room had been closed years before even the current school head had arrived.

Investigations are still underway to ascertain when and why the coffin was placed in that room.

Our readers are also curious to understand the reasons why a used coffin would be kept at such a prestigious educational institution.

Girls High occupies a special place in the country’s education sector.

It is the oldest girls only high school in the country and has over the years produced people who rose to occupy important roles in this country.

It appears there is more to this than what meets the eye.

The timing and discovery of the coffin has also made the issue quite complex.

Several questions are being asked as people want to come to the core of this strange case.

It’s a matter which should not be taken lightly considering the impact that this could have on the students.

There are a lot of theories that are now flying around and all this can have an impact on the students.

It’s good that schools are closing and this will give authorities time and space to look into this sensitive matter while the majority of the students are away at home.

The caretakers at the school should be taken to task and provide answers as to why the room, where this used coffin was being kept, was closed for years.

Why was it a no-go area and who made that decision to say that this was a room which should be kept closed all the time?

Reports that one of the former staff members used to visit the room at night makes this case even more complex and should also be investigated.

There could be a need for authorities at Girls High to bring in some counsellors, when schools reopen, to help their students deal with the impact of this controversial issue.

Parents of the students should also be contacted and kept updated of what is being done to get to the bottom of this issue.

This will equip the parents with enough knowledge for them to then help their kids deal with the impact that this issue could have on their mental health.

It is our hope that authorities, who are investigating this case, will come up with a position which will clear the air.

Girls High School should be about the excellence of its education and the quality of the products which will continue to come out of this institution.

It should never be in the headlines for used coffins being found on its premises.

— HMetro

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