The bullet entered behind ear and exited through forehead: Peter Dube’s victim narrates horror

Peter Dube

NYARADZO NHARINGO was shot at the back of the head — just behind her ear — and the bullet exited through her forehead, missing her left eye by a razor-thin margin.

She somehow survived and is alive to tell the tale. The scar on her forehead will always remind her of the April 23, 2021 ordeal, where the alleged shooter, Peter Dube, also reportedly shot and killed two people at Belmont Flats in Gweru.


The deceased — Shelton Chinhango and Gamuchirai Mudungwe — were shot by Dube, who went on a rampage after suspecting Shelton of having an ɑffɑir with his second wife, Nyasha Nharingo, who is Nyaradzo’s sister. Nyasha is now based in South Africa.

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Nyaradzo is not only pained and traumatised by the shooting, but being reported dead in both the mainstream media and on social media platforms is also taking an emotional toll on her. Although three people were reportedly killed on that fateful day, it has since emerged that only Shelton and Gamuchirai died after the heinous attack.

“I had come from South Africa, where I was based, to apply for a passport.

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“The normal process would take long, which prompted me to opt for an emergency travelling document.

“It was during the time that I was planning to travel to Harare to apply for an emergency travelling document that I was called by the Masvingo Passport Office.

“Shelton then offered to take me to Masvingo, where I was then accompanied by Gamu (Gamuchirai Mudungwe), Nyasha and my other younger sister,” Nyaradzo told The Sunday Mail after a visit to her home in Senga, Gweru. Nyaradzo said they delayed returning to Gweru from Masvingo since they had to pass through Shelton’s mine.

Upon their return to Gweru, they went to Nyasha’s apartment at Belmont Flats, where they found Dube locked inside with Nyaradzo’s child and his two children.

Apparently, Dube and Nyasha have two children. “We tried to talk to him to open the door, but he refused.

“We do not know why he was refusing to open the door, but our suspicion was that he was angered that his wife, Nyasha, had returned home late.

“We then left the apartment to call the police for assistance. Peter refused to open the door, even in the presence of the police. The police then left. We then went to call his first wife (Nomatter Chawana) and his younger brother, Advance, so that they could talk to Peter. That was when he finally opened the door,” she said.

Nyaradzo indicated that they sat down with Dube and discussed various issues, including the misunderstandings and disputes he was having with Nyasha. During the conversations, Dube, she said, never even showed any signs he was capable of doing what followed next.

“We sat down and we talked over the matter, with Peter seemingly understanding. We advised them not to have altercations in front of their children since one of them is a grown-up. After the conversation, my daughter went to Shelton’s car with Nyasha’s son.

“Peter then went downstairs, where Shelton and Gamu were parked,” she said.

The next thing she remembers is Dube pointing a firearm towards her and aiming at his son.

She naturally cradled and shielded her child. I never heard the gunshots when he shot Shelton and Gamu. What I remember was seeing him holding a gun when I was walking towards the stairs. I do not know what happened thereafter.

“I only saw myself admitted to hospital.

“I don’t think Peter and Shelton knew each other. Up to this day, I do not know what happened that led Peter to shoot Shelton, and, unfortunately, Gamu is not here to explain what triggered Peter to shoot them.”

Nyaradzo believes police could have done more the first time they responded to the incident. She is, however, happy that the long arm of the law seems to have caught up with Dube in Ireland. She hopes this will help bring closure to a crime that almost became a cold case.

“I want this matter to come to a conclusion. I am traumatised and stressed each time I think of it,” she said.

Nyaradzo also claimed Dube conned her of money and a vehicle after they had entered into a swap-and-top-up deal.

“I gave him a Honda Fit plus extra money and he was supposed to give me a Toyota Bubble. As we speak, I could have sold the car to cover my medical expenses. There are scans that cost US$500 and I cannot afford them.

“I am no longer able to work because of the injury, and my parents are also not gainfully employed,” she said.

Nyaradzo is currently seeking financial assistance. Her father, Ishmael Nharingo, also wants closure.

“Peter and Nyasha had not customarily married and they had two children. They were co-habiting. They fell in l0ve and started staying together while renting her a flat in town,” he said.

“We were living in fear since he had a weapon, and there was nothing we could do.”

“He never showed aggression and even their domestic dispute only came to light after the shooting. The community is yet to come to terms as to why he would go to the extent of killing these people.

“We leave everything in the hands of the police. Let the law take its course. The police never gave us feedback, save to say that people had hope that he will be caught.

“We have to wait for his day in court.”

The late Gamuchirai’s sister, Shuvai, said Dube’s relatives are yet to fulfil promises they made after her sibling was buried.

“We are happy that he was arrested in Ireland, and we hope justice will be served, but it is actually taking us back to the time when we were in mourning.

“Dube’s family came and engaged us. They made certain agreements; maybe something to do with appeasing. I cannot say much as they engaged my uncles,” she said.

Peter was arrested in Ireland in June after The Sunday Mail’s expose on how he had allegedly skipped the border, assumed a new identity and obtained an Eswatini passport before seeking asylum in Ireland.

He now awaits to be extradited back to Zimbabwe.

— Sunday Mail

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