CCC in Chaos?: Nelson Chamisa arrives at rally 7 hours late, top leaders no show

Former CCC leader Nelson Chamisa

LEADER of Citizens for Coalition Change (CCC) Mr Nelson Chamisa on Friday showed disregard for Victoria Falls people when he turned up for a rally after 5pm when the crowd gathered at 10am.

His party supporters who attended the rally at Chinotimba Stadium waited for him for more than seven hours as he arrived at 5:20pm.

The rally was supposed to start at 10am and some people had left as they got impatient when he started addressing at 5:21pm.

There was also a significant number of children who contributed to the size of the crowd.

In his speech, Mr Chamisa claimed he will win the upcoming elections against Zanu-PF and other parties and promised his party supporters that his party will trim the Cabinet to 15 ministers and there will be no deputy ministers.

He said he will relocate the capital city from Harare and create an administrative capital elsewhere with Harare remaining as the commercial capital for the country.

Mr Chamisa said his government will change the education system by removing the Continuous Assessment Learning Area (CALA) and amending the current syllabus.

He said in his government there will be free universal education for Grade 1 to Grade 7 while there will be no examination fees from Form 1 to Form 6.

“I apologise for coming late as I was somewhere in Hwange. I want to thank you for your loyalty to the change cause. On Monday we are finalising the voters’ roll. We want to finalise the issue of polling stations and avoid ghost stations,” said Mr Chamisa.

“We are only going to have 15 ministries, lean and clean and you won’t become a minister if you don’t deliver. There will be no deputy ministers. We want to bring a government for all.”

Showing lack of appreciation on the existing governance system, Mr Chamisa said his party will implement devolution, yet the ruling Zanu-PF government is already empowering communities and provinces through the Devolution and Decentralisation agenda.

He said his government will also change provinces into regions.

While parading his party candidates for the Victoria Falls council elections, most of them incumbents who have been accused of corruption by residents, Mr Chamisa said he will fight corruption.

He said they will bring back executive mayors and remove government intervention in local authorities.

“I have received a lot of reports of councillors who engage in corruption. We will not tolerate that when you get into council you make deals to shortchange residents. Once beaten twice shy, I am warning you, if you do it we are going to descend on you. Under our government we are going to come through with the precision of a butcher’s knife. Stop your corruption, don’t represent your stomach, we want citizens to be respected,” he said.

The CCC top leadership was once again oblivious with their absence at the rally. Mr Chamisa has been moving around alone amid reports the party is slowly cracking apart.

— Chronicle

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