Startling Incident: Evil house girl puts poison in employer’s juice following a dispute


An 18-year-old woman has pleaded guilty to the charge of attempted murder against her employer, citing delayed wage payments as the motive for her actions. Nyaradzo Gosha admitted her guilt during her appearance before Harare magistrate Letwin Rwodzi. She has been remanded in custody until today when sentencing will take place.

According to the court proceedings, on April 28, Gosha confided in her neighbor, Thandiwe Mandibaya, at Glen Norah Police Camp about her strained relationship with her employer, Konai Muzhangiri, who is a police officer. Gosha claimed that Konai had been withholding her wages and denying her food.

In response, Thandiwe advised Gosha to poison Konai. Subsequently, Gosha pleaded guilty to lacing various food items, such as juice, yeast, oats, spices, and fenugreek seeds, with rat poison in an attempt to harm Konai and her five-year-old child.

When Konai returned home and detected the presence of rat poison in the juice she consumed, she immediately suspected Gosha’s involvement. Konai reported the incident to the police, providing them with the poisoned juice as evidence. During the subsequent interrogation, Gosha confessed to contaminating the juice with rat poison under the influence of Thandiwe’s advice.

The prosecution presented a report from a food scientist, confirming the presence of rat poison in the juice and other food items.

When questioned in court about her intentions had Konai and her son succumbed to the poisoning, Gosha claimed that she had no intention of causing their deaths.

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