Fracas as womɑn removes her underweɑr and places it on husbɑnd’s best friend’s head in court

Mai Ndebvu places her underwear on Makina’s head

In a surprising turn of events, a man from Penhalonga found himself in an embarrassing situation when his mɑrried l0ver placed her pɑnties on his head as evidence of their intimɑte relɑtionship. The incident unfolded during a hearing at Chief Mutasa’s community court, where Justice Makina was left red-faced.

The court proceedings continued despite the unusual display, with Makina wearing Mai Ndebvu’s pɑnties until Chief Mutasa delivered his ruling. Makina was ordered to compensate his friend, Christopher Ndebvu, for slǝǝping with his wife. The compensation included two cattle, a goat, and a rooster.

During the hearing, Ndebvu explained that Makina took advantage of his mɑrital troubles to engage in an ɑffɑir with his wife. Makina had allegedly deceived Ndebvu’s wife by promising her employment in Chikanga, Mutare.

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Ndebvu became aware of the ɑffɑir when Makina’s wife informed him about the illicit relɑtionship. Following this revelation, Ndebvu confronted Makina, who admitted to the ɑffɑir. Ndebvu then retrieved his wife from the place she was staying with Makina and brought her back home.

On their way back, Makina reportedly coerced Mai Ndebvu into admitting the ɑffɑir after claiming that he had already confessed. In an attempt to compensate Ndebvu, Makina and his wife offered him a television set, accompanied by a request to keep the matter confidential.

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However, Ndebvu later realized he had made a mistake and reported the incident to the headman of their community. Mai Ndebvu confirmed her involvement in the ɑffɑir, stating that she engaged in the relɑtionship with Makina for material benefits.

In contrast, Makina denied having an ɑffɑir with Mai Ndebvu before the court. He claimed that they were neighbours who grew up together in the same community and that he had merely helped her secure a job with his grandmother.

According to Makina, Ndebvu called him to his house, seized his phone, and threatened him with a machete and a sack in an attempt to force a confession. Makina further alleged that Ndebvu and his wife conspired to extort money from him using the fabricated ɑffɑir.

Makina accused Ndebvu of engaging in similar schemes with other individuals and asserted that he would not pay compensation for something he did not do. However, the situation escalated when Ndebvu’s wife placed her pɑnties on Makina’s head as proof of the ɑffɑir.

Despite the dramatic turn of events, the court proceeded with its ruling, ordering Makina to provide the compensation demanded by Ndebvu. The incident serves as a cautionary tale about the potential consequences of engaging in extrɑmVrital relɑtionships and the associated risks of extortion and public humiliation.

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