Opposition member strikes ruling Zanu PF party supporter with axe


A suspected opposition member allegedly attacked a Zanu-PF supporter in Binga, using an axe, reportedly due to the victim’s choice of ruling party regalia. The incident took place on Friday evening in Ward 14, Dobola Village, where Clifford Mudenda is accused of striking Vincent Mungombe on his right hand.

Confirming the incident to CITE, Chief Dobola stated that he had issued a referral letter for Mungombe to receive medical treatment at Kariyangwe Hospital. According to the chief, Mungombe had around 10 stitches after sustaining the injury. The attack appeared to be politically motivated, as Mungombe was wearing attire associated with the ruling party. During the altercation, the assailants demanded that he remove his regalia, but Mungombe refused, leading to the attack with the axe.

Chief Dobola further revealed that upon seeking assistance, the police were unable to respond promptly due to their involvement in the ongoing election preparations. Instead, they advised the chief to issue a referral letter for Mungombe’s hospital visit. Following the elections, a formal statement will be filed to ensure the arrest of Mudenda.

Describing the severity of the incident, Chief Dobola highlighted that Mungombe had lost a significant amount of blood and had collapsed in the nearby bush. Mungombe spent the night there before seeking help from a nearby homestead in the morning. The villagers assisted him by washing his injured hand with salt, after which he reported the incident to Chief Dobola.

Expressing concern over the growing trend of political violence, Chief Dobola urged the community to reject such behaviour. He emphasized the importance of living in harmony and referred to the president’s message of peace during elections, stating that acts of violence contradicted these principles.

When contacted by CITE, Matabeleland North police spokesperson Inspector Glory Banda claimed to have no knowledge of the reported incident.

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