BREAKING NEWS: Ndinyengeiwo girl Lorraine Guyo ARRESTED!


Popular social media personality, Lorraine Guyo, known for her viral “Ndinyengeiwo” video, has been apprehended on allegations of fraud. According to reports, she is accused of selling a vehicle and subsequently orchestrating a forced repossession of the car by hiring bouncers. Lorraine is scheduled to appear in court this morning at the Harare Magistrates Court.

Captured in a video shared by H-Metro on social media, Lorraine Guyo appeared visibly distressed while seated on the floor of an unidentified police station shortly after her arrest. With her gaze fixed on her phone, she seemed to be reaching out for support amidst the challenging situation.

The news of Lorraine’s arrest has stirred mixed reactions among social media users. Some expressed concern about the unprofessionalism of sharing the video, which was allegedly recorded by a staff member. Others commented on the alleged involvement of Lorraine in unlawful activities and the consequences she may face.

The arrest of a well-known social media personality like Lorraine Guyo has garnered attention due to her previous online fame. Netizens have been quick to share their opinions and observations regarding the situation.

Lorraine Guyo will now await her court appearance, where the charges against her will be presented and further legal proceedings will take place. The case has drawn significant interest from the public, considering her previous prominence as an influencer on social media.

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