Forbes ranks TECH as “The best online university in the world”

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 The leading business and finance magazine highlights the success story of TECH Technological University, which allows people to learn from the best academic programs and in 100% online mode from anywhere in the world

The prestigious magazine specializing in business and finance Forbes has highlighted TECH Technological University as “The best digital university in the world”. They have recently said in an extensive article in its digital edition in which they echo the success story of this institution, “Thanks to the academic offerings it provides, the selection of its teaching staff, and an innovative learning method aimed at training the professionals of the future”.

In this way, the renowned business publication has highlighted the constant work of this university to be at the forefront of the education sector. All this, at a time when health and social conditions have accelerated the decline of traditional pedagogical models in favor of new online and distance approaches.

Thus, Forbes highlights TECH’s 100% online method and its results, which “are outstanding, surpassing with flying colors the world quality standards that evaluate the effectiveness of online training”. In fact, this academic approach has obtained scores above the 4 points out of 5 offered by the ‘Likert Scale’. In the same way, the Relearning method has obtained more than 8 points out of 10, placing TECH as the best online university in the world.

“According to Forbes, TECH has managed to rank among the 200 fastest growing companies in Europe in only 6 years of business activity.”

Currently, TECH, the world’s largest university, is positioned as a benchmark in online and distance education. Its extensive academic catalog, consisting of more than 10,000 titles, the selection of a first-class teaching team, and the constant effort to offer high-quality content endorse it which positions TECH’s more than 500,000 graduates as the most valued professionals, providing them not only with the most updated knowledge but also making them highly sought-after assets by major international companies.

Forbes also highlights TECH’s extensive business expansion, which since its creation in 2015 has managed to position itself among the 200 fastest growing companies in Europe and as the Spanish technology company with the highest valuation in recent years. These recognitions, added to the commitment to expansion and quality education make TECH Technological University the largest educational operator globally.

The most complete academic offer in the online educational panorama

One of the aspects that makes TECH unique is its outstanding academic offer because it has an extensive catalog of higher education programs consisting of bachelor’s Degrees, master’s Degrees, University Experts, Management Development Programs, Language Courses, and Diplomas. All of them are taught online, which makes it easier for students to combine their academic, professional, and personal lives.

In addition, the university not only has traditional faculties, they also have included new areas of knowledge aligned with today’s professional world. Thus, today TECH has programs related to the world of the metaverse, cryptocurrencies, or virtual reality, without leaving aside the traditional academic areas that require constant updating at a professional level, such as Health Sciences or the world of Business, among others.

“TECH degrees cover the vast majority of professional fields, as well as different levels of specialization depending on the student’s needs: Masters, Courses, Experts, among others.”

Bearing in mind the above, the University has a catalog of areas of knowledge that is unique in the sector, which includes faculties such as Sports Science, Design, Education, Nursing, Business School, Language School, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Geography and History, Humanities, Computer Science, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Nutrition, Psychology, Journalism and Communication, Veterinary Medicine, and Video Games.

The reiteration of concepts as a learning method: Relearning

Considering the failure of traditional teaching methods, TECH Technological University, in its bid to improve the learning system, has implemented an innovative method based on the reiteration of concepts. Under the name of Relearning, this pedagogical method is unique for combining high educational quality with the highest academic demands and the latest educational technology. In addition, TECH is the only university accredited to use this educational method in its programs.

In this sense, Forbes states that “the results obtained by its learning methodology are outstanding” and that “they improve the overall satisfaction levels of students in the indicators that identify TECH as the best online university”. This is what makes more graduates of this institution value positively the learning process at TECH and recommend studying at this university instead of others.

Thus, to apply this method effectively, TECH focuses on providing students with teaching materials in different formats: text, interactive videos, illustrations, and knowledge maps, among others. All of them, are designed by qualified teachers who focus their work on combining real cases with the resolution of complex situations through simulation, the study of cases applied to each professional career, and learning based on repetition through audio, videos, presentations, animations, and images, among others.

The essence of this method is to supply confidence and autonomy to the student. In this way, knowledge is permanently anchored in the student, who can also learn at his own pace and according to their time and lifestyle, this is something that was unthinkable with traditional learning methods.

TECH Technological University 

TECH Technological University was founded in 2015 with the aim of moving the structure of traditional education by proposing a new academic model based on the quality of content and a unique method founded on offering immersive learning focused on knowing a subject and how to apply it.

Also, TECH educational group has recently been recognized as one of the 200 fastest growing companies in Europe. Thus, it is structured as an international cluster of private digital universities oriented to offer postgraduate degrees of the highest quality.

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