2023 ELECTIONS: Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga unleashes a dire warning to troublemakers


Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga has issued a stern warning to individuals and groups engaging in activities that promote criminality and seek to disrupt the peace and stability of Zimbabwe. The warning comes as the police initiate investigations into social media messages advocating for unlawful activities and disturbances in the country.

Speaking to a group of recently promoted superintendents in Harare, Commissioner-General Matanga emphasized the crucial role of the police in creating a conducive environment for the realization of Vision 2030, a national development agenda. He commended the officers for their professionalism and discipline during the recent harmonized elections, which contributed to a free and peaceful electoral process.

While acknowledging this milestone, Commissioner-General Matanga urged the newly promoted officers to remain vigilant in maintaining post-election peace. He cautioned them about certain individuals in society who harbor political ambitions and seek to sow division among the populace. He emphasized the need to deal decisively with elements engaged in criminal activities or those attempting to destabilize the country.

Regarding the promotion of senior officers, Commissioner-General Matanga highlighted their new responsibilities, which include assisting Officers Commanding Districts and overseeing operational stations and disciplinary processes. He stressed the importance of exemplary leadership, patriotism, discipline, and ethical conduct in carrying out their duties.

Commissioner-General Matanga cautioned against abusing authority or organizational resources for personal gain or settling personal scores. He emphasized the significance of teamwork in achieving success, likening police work to a game of soccer where collective effort leads to victory. He urged the officers to uphold professionalism, transparency, and fairness, reciprocating the trust and confidence placed in them by the organization and the government.

Discipline was identified as a fundamental pillar within the police force that must be maintained and enforced. The officers were urged to address any acts that negatively impact organizational performance and to serve as role models for their subordinates. Commissioner-General Matanga reminded them that their elevation carried amplified responsibilities in ensuring peace and security in the nation, which is crucial for national development.

Corruption was vehemently condemned, with Commissioner-General Matanga emphasizing that it has no place within the police force or the country as a whole. All officers were urged to refrain from any behavior that could tarnish the image of the organization and the nation.

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