Zimbabwean woman in deep trouble after receiving US$3 500 from Ghanaian Baba she met online


A Desperate Pursuit Leads to Unforeseen Consequences: Catherine’s Tale of Deception and Regret

In a quest to change her circumstances, Catherine Zimidzi, a 23-year-old from Cement Siding in Bulawayo, found herself entangled in a web of deceit and despair after stumbling upon a life-changing opportunity within a WhatsApp group.

Little did she anticipate the unimaginable consequences that would arise from this encounter.

Catherine shared, “I came across posts in one of my WhatsApp groups where an individual named ‘Baba’ from Ghana claimed to possess the power to instantly alter one’s fate. Considering my dire financial situation and my mother’s deteriorating health, I decided to give it a try.”

Motivated by her desperate circumstances, Catherine took a leap of faith and reached out to the enigmatic man behind the enticing posts.

Without delay, the man initiated a conversation, requesting Catherine’s pictures, which she willingly provided, hoping that this would unlock a brighter future.

However, after sending the pictures, the man abruptly fell silent, leaving Catherine bewildered and anxious.

The following day, the man resurfaced, making an unsettling demand for Catherine to send him nɑked pictures and her banking details.

“After I sent Baba my nɑked pictures, he insisted on obtaining my banking details. I confessed that I didn’t have a bank account,” Catherine revealed.

Undeterred, the man proposed an alternative method of transferring funds amounting to US$3,500 through an international money transfer and remittance service.

Desperate for a way out of her destitution, Catherine reluctantly agreed to the transaction and managed to collect the money.

However, her fleeting joy was short-lived. A week later, she began experiencing excruciating pain and continuous bleeding.

“After successfully collecting the money Baba sent me, I was initially elated. I purchased groceries and returned home, but my happiness was short-lived. A week later, I started experiencing unbearable pain below my belly button, accompanied by heavy bleeding,” Catherine recounted.

Overwhelmed by worry and fear, Catherine’s health rapidly deteriorated, leaving her in a perpetual state of anxiety.

Regrettably, Catherine refrained from seeking help due to intimidation fears.

“I suffered in silence because I blamed myself. In some way, I believe Baba is connected to what I am going through, as he has been unreachable since the day I collected the money,” Catherine sadly shared.

Now, two months after this ill-fated encounter, Catherine finds herself trapped in a nightmarish situation.

The promise of a better life has transformed into a living nightmare, as she grapples with the physical and emotional toll of her actions.

With no recourse and feeling utterly alone, Catherine questions her decisions and the devastating consequences that have unraveled before her.

Unfortunately, Catherine continues to suffer in silence, hoping that her ordeal will eventually cease on its own.

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