LATEST: 60 business operators ARRESTED!


In a proactive bid to safeguard consumer rights and combat unfair practices, a weeklong consumer protection campaign conducted by the Consumer Protection Commission (CPC) in Manicaland has resulted in the apprehension of over 60 business operators. The targeted offenses include the sale of substandard and expired goods.

The strategic campaign aims to address the concerns of residents and protect them from unscrupulous business practices that undermine their rights. The interventions received strong support from the community, who expressed satisfaction with the actions taken against business owners involved in the sale of expired products.

A concerned consumer emphasized the need for improved mobile connectivity, stating, “We require more network boosters to enhance mobile connectivity. We appreciate the efforts to apprehend business owners selling expired goods.”

Several consumers shared their grievances regarding expired products and restrictive return policies. They called for strict measures against businesses violating the law.

The CPC has expressed its concern over the persistent disregard for consumer rights by businesses and has warned that offenders will face legal consequences. The commission has conducted over 60 prosecutions, with minor offenses resulting in fines and major offenses, such as selling expired products, being taken to court.

Selling expired products is considered a criminal offense, and the CPC is actively educating consumers about their rights. Inspections by CPC inspectors are being conducted to ensure compliance with the law. Furthermore, disclaimers in shops that deny returns, refunds, or exchanges are now illegal. Consumers have the right to return substandard products and businesses are required by law to display prices.

Kudakwashe Mudereri, the CPC’s research and public affairs manager, highlighted the fundamental consumer protection rights enshrined in the Consumer Protection Act. These rights include the right to choose, access information, health and safety, fair contractual agreements, being heard, and receiving education.

Residents also raised concerns about connectivity challenges, prompting discussions with the Postal Regulatory Authority. The authority assured them of ongoing engagements with network service providers to improve mobile connectivity coverage.

The CPC remains committed to protecting consumer rights and pledges to leave no stone unturned in their efforts to ensure fair practices in the market.

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