Popular prophet ‘prophesies’ CCC leader Nelson Chamisa’s death: This is what he said

CCC leader Nelson Chamisa reading the Bible in the wilderness

Controversial Prophet Passion Java Stirs Outrage with “Death Prophecy” Against Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Chamisa

Self-styled prophet Passion Java has sparked backlash in Zimbabwe after publicly declaring a prophecy that Nelson Chamisa, leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), will soon die.

Prophet Panganai Passion Java

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Java – who claims to receive revelations from God while based in the United States – urged Zimbabweans to take his prediction seriously and pray for Chamisa’s protection. The controversial preacher alleged God had shown him visions of the opposition politician’s impending death.

Java further disclosed his supposed divine insight that Chamisa had been covertly negotiating with Western nations. He insinuated this as the reason God determined to “take away” Chamisa’s life, asserting it was due to the suffering he had caused Zimbabweans.

However, Java provided no evidence to substantiate his extraordinary claims, causing considerable skepticism and unease across Zimbabwe. Many criticized him for openly wishing demise upon a democratic leader and potentially endangering Chamisa’s safety through irresponsible doomsaying.

The prophecy and its motivations remain difficult to verify. But the incident highlights the complex dynamics around power and religion in Zimbabwean public life.

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