Gold sale gone wrong! Man brutally attacked, robbed of gold and cash by fake buyers!


An unfortunate incident occurred recently in Shurugwi, Zimbabwe where a man lost valuable gold and cash due to deception. The complainant was selling 7 grams of gold at a shop in Shurugwi when three men approached, expressing interest in the purchase.

According to Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko of the Midlands Police, the potential buyers drove up in a Honda Fit and negotiated a deal. They gave the seller US$200 as partial payment and agreed to drive to their home in Gweru to complete the US$129 balance. However, along the way something went wrong.

Just past OK Mart on the road to Gweru, the driver abruptly stopped claiming the vehicle had a mechanical issue. They would need to walk the rest of the journey. But rather than parting as friendly business associates, tragedy struck during their foot travel. One of the men suddenly struck the seller from behind, knocking him out cold with an unknown object.

When the poor man woke up, he found himself robbed of not only his gold, but also the partial cash payment and mobile phone. The three assailants had taken advantage of the isolated setting to commit their crime under false pretenses. Inspector Mahoko stated the search for the suspects continues, urging anyone with helpful information to contact local police.

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