Serious drama as chicken thief gets caught red-handed trying to buy ‘tumbwa’ beer with fake money

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Bruce Chafa’s Chicken Scheme Goes Fowl

Bruce Chafa found himself in hot water last month after a failed attempt to impersonate a police officer and steal chickens from a neighbor in his Bulawayo township.

Setmore Nyambuya tells of how the 32-year-old approached him in August, flashing a fake police ID and claiming to be an officer stationed nearby. Chafa talked Nyambuya into handing over 20 of his prized broiler chickens, promising to pay at the end of the month. But when payment never came, Nyambuya grew suspicious.

Attempts to contact Chafa went unanswered. Nyambuya reported the matter to real police, hoping to recover his missing poultry or compensation. Then, fate intervened – while out and about in Tshabalala on September 16th, Nyambuya happened to spot Chafa making a purchase.

The “officer” was buying an illicit homemade brew from a roadside vendor. But his money raised eyebrows – it was clearly counterfeit. Alerted police approached and verified the bill was fake. They arrested Chafa on the spot.

Sources say Chafa’s chicken coup wasn’t his only misstep. He’s now facing charges over theft by deception and using forged currency. The twists of fate that led to Chafa’s downfall show even seasoned scoundrels can’t outrun karma forever in a small community. Nyambuya has surely regained faith that crime doesn’t pay, in the end.

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