Sensational Discovery: Live baboon uncovered under gogo’s bed in dramatic cleansing ceremony


Residents of Tsholotsho in Matabeleland North province were left in disbelief when a traditionalist uncovered a live baboon hidden under a villager’s bed during a cleansing ritual. The ceremony, conducted in Ntulane village, aimed to uncover the cause of an ailment affecting the local pupils, resulting in knee handicaps.

Maina Ndlovu, a 64-year-old villager, expressed her astonishment at the incident, as she had no knowledge of the baboon’s presence. According to Ndlovu, during the cleansing ceremony, the traditionalist named Nqobizitha Moyo revealed that a creature had been brought under her bed from her previous marriage. Initially denying the claim, they proceeded to Ndlovu’s homestead.

Once there, Moyo performed rituals, including sprinkling salt to purify the yard, before entering Ndlovu’s bedroom hut. Guided by the spirit, Moyo lifted all the belongings and eventually discovered a baboon hidden in a hole beneath the bed. The animal was subsequently killed and burned, along with some vases found in Ndlovu’s house.

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Ndlovu remained shocked by the incident, as she had no previous knowledge of the hidden creature. However, she expressed relief, as she could now sleep peacefully, no longer hearing the unsettling noises she attributed to owls on her roof.

Vincent Hadebe, the headman of Ntulane village, revealed that the cleansing ceremonies faced resistance from some villagers. Many individuals believed the items removed from the houses during these rituals were fake or made of rubber. To address these doubts, the chief and other elders were invited to witness one of the ceremonies, where they witnessed the slaughter of the baboon and observed its blood and intestines.

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Hadebe acknowledged that some villagers had sought peace orders to prevent their homes from being searched, thereby hindering the resolution of community issues. Despite the challenges faced, the headman expressed sadness over the permanent effects on the lives of children, whose futures have been impacted by the presence of goblins. One child, in particular, now bears a permanent handicap believed to be caused by these supernatural beings.

Efforts are being made to find a solution to the problem and eradicate the goblins from the community. Animals discovered during the cleansing rituals are slaughtered in the presence of everyone, including the chief, to discourage the hiding of such malevolent entities.

The community hopes that by addressing these issues openly and collectively, they can restore peace and safeguard the well-being of their children.

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