TRAGEDY: Gold miner meets tragic end in road accident after ignoring popular prophet’s warning

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In a mining town in Gwanda, Zimbabwe, the untimely death of a gold miner in a road accident has sparked a heated debate. It has been revealed that the miner had allegedly been warned on multiple occasions by a preacher from Bulawayo about the impending tragedy.

According to reports, Archbishop Emmanuel Mutumwa of the Johane Masowe eChishanu delivered a prophecy during one of his church services in West Nicholson. He reportedly foretold that the gold miner, whose identity is being withheld, would be involved in a fatal road accident. Concerned for his well-being, the preacher urged the miner’s relatives, who were present at the service, to advise him to come for prayers.

Madzibaba Emmanuel Mutumwa

Despite Archbishop Mutumwa’s repeated efforts, the miner allegedly disregarded the message, dismissing the prophet’s warning as an attempt to extort money from him. In a video obtained by B-Metro, Archbishop Mutumwa is seen passionately pleading with one of his workers to call the miner and instruct him to seek prayers. However, the miner persisted in his skepticism.

Tragically, on his way to Bulawayo, the gold miner was involved in a fatal accident, confirming the prophecy. A senior member of the congregation, who chose to remain anonymous, confirmed that Archbishop Mutumwa had indeed prophesied the miner’s death during church services on multiple occasions. The miner had previously been involved in two separate road accidents, as foretold by the preacher, but they had not been fatal. The fatal accident occurred a few weeks after the last prophecy.

Following the miner’s tragic demise, the family attempted to reach out to Archbishop Mutumwa. However, some residents in the mining town expressed outrage and dismissed the prophecy as an inevitability, considering it to be a non-event.

When approached for comment, Archbishop Mutumwa defended his prophecy, explaining that as prophets, their duty is to relay the messages and visions given to them by God. He compared it to the warnings provided in biblical history, intended to motivate repentance and a return to faith. Acknowledging that people subscribe to different beliefs, he expressed no ill will toward the miner for declining the prayer offer.

Archbishop Mutumwa extended his deepest condolences to the grieving family of the gold miner, emphasizing that his intention was to fulfill his role as a prophet and deliver the message he had received.

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