Inside Harare Central Prison: Jailed Oscar Pambuka’s eye-opening confessions and promises


Jailed radio personality Oscar Pambuka is determined to rise above his current circumstances and make amends for his mistakes. The veteran journalist and former TV presenter, who is currently undergoing rehabilitation at Harare Central Prison, recently participated in an educational trip with other inmates to Munashe High School in Mutoko.

During his visit, Pambuka took the opportunity to share his experiences and offer advice to the students. He emphasized the importance of staying away from criminal activities and cautioned them about the dangers of associating with individuals who abuse drugs and substances. Pambuka candidly admitted his own errors and likened his situation to that of a child making a mistake in a lesson.

Despite the challenging environment and unfavorable conditions of the prison cells, Pambuka expressed gratitude for the correction and guidance he is receiving. He pleaded with his fellow journalists not to abandon him in his time of need, assuring them that though he may be down, he is far from defeated. Pambuka vowed to improve his journalistic skills upon his release, displaying a determination to make a positive impact in his field.

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Pambuka commended the various projects being undertaken at Munashe High School, including tombstone making, poultry farming, rabbit rearing, and beekeeping. These initiatives provide practical skills and contribute to the well-being of the students. One of the attendees of the tour, popular personality Mai TT, shared her longing for her children and her mobile phone, expressing a desire to be reunited with her family.

Mai TT revealed that she dedicates her evenings to crafting handmade bags, which she plans to teach at a training school in the future. These bags serve as a means to support her children financially. As a gesture of kindness, Mai TT donated two bags to students who joined her in performing her song, “Rita.” The students also seized the opportunity to capture memorable moments with Mai TT and Pambuka, taking selfies with the two personalities.

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