Violent party scuffle turns bloody: Man struck with axe in heroic attempt to break up fight


A 31-year-old man from Ntabazinduna in Matabeleland North province found himself in a harrowing situation when his attempt to break up a fight among his friends at a party took a dangerous turn. In the process, he was struck three times on the head and once on the arm with an axe, causing severe injuries.

The incident came to light during the trial of Bruce Khanye (29) at Bulawayo regional magistrate court, where he faced a charge of attempted murder. Despite pleading not guilty, Khanye was ultimately convicted after a full trial and sentenced by Magistrate Elijah Singano.

The magistrate delivered a five-year prison sentence with two years suspended for five years, on the condition of good behaviour. Consequently, Khanye will serve an effective three years behind bars.

During the sentencing, Magistrate Singano emphasized the severity of the victim’s injuries as noted in the medical report. The victim sustained a scar on the back of his head and displayed weaknesses in his body. The doctor who examined him referred him to a neurosurgeon due to the tampering with his head. The victim currently experiences physical weakness and displays signs of trauma, with long-term effects anticipated from the head injury.

Singano dismissed Khanye’s defense, pointing out that he was the aggressor in the incident. Although Khanye disputed using an axe, claiming instead to have used a zinc sheet, it was evident that his violent conduct led to the complainant’s injury. Testimony from the victim indicated that he intervened to stop Khanye from fighting with a friend at the party, which angered Khanye and led him to attack the peacemaker with the axe he carried.

The magistrate further noted Khanye’s lack of remorse, as he neither apologized to the victim nor assisted with his hospital bills. Singano emphasized that Khanye was convicted of attempted murder, considering the victim’s testimony describing three strikes to the head with the axe.

According to the court records, on the evening of March 8th, at Basina Village, Khanye and the victim, Tinashe Mangaraware, were attending a party when a dispute arose between Khanye and one of his friends. The disagreement escalated into a physical fight, prompting Mangaraware to intervene. Unfortunately, Khanye responded with a violent attack, striking Mangaraware three times on the head and once on the arm with the axe before fleeing the scene. Mangaraware sustained deep cuts and required medical attention at a hospital.

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