Mysterious burial decision splits family: Brothers laid to rest in same grave


A family has been split after a bizarre arrangement which saw the bodies of two brothers being buried in one grave last Sunday.

There is suspicion, from one group of this family, that this was all done because of juju.

Eugenia Nancy Mashiri ordered that the body of her brother, Danny Mupanduki, be buried in the same grave as her late brother, Itai Mupanduki.

The majority of the Mupanduki family is based in the United States.

Itai was buried in December 2021.

He died in a road traffic accident in Florida, United States.

Eugenia claimed that it was the late Danny’s wish to share the same grave with Itai.

This decision saw Itai’s grave being opened to accommodate Danny’s body.

This has triggered concern among some of the mourners, who suspected that juju could be involved in all this drama.

Sources said Eugenia’s father, Musafare Mupanduki, is not happy with the strange burial arrangement.

In 2021, Eugenia made headlines for exhuming a coffin and burning it in front of villagers and mourners.

The exhumation resulted in the Mupanduki family being fined by Chief Mutumba.

“This is strange, indeed,” said one of the mourners.

Another mourner said:

“We have never seen this in our lifetime.

“What is awkward is that this is the same person (Eugenia), who caused a scene in 2021 by exhuming a coffin and burning.

“Now, she is the same person claiming to be in possession of her late brother’s will.

“We strongly suspect that there is more to this if it’s not juju-related.”

Kraal head, who was only identified as Musiiwa, confirmed the bizarre burial.

He said he could not oppose the wishes of the family and that of the dead.

“Yes, it happened in my village four days ago,” said Musiiwa.

“It was strange indeed, one of the Mupanduki family members claimed that her brother had told her that his wish was to be laid to rest with his late brother.

“The Mupanduki family can best explain the issue,” he said.

Eugenia could not be reached for comment.

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