Brazen robbers silence guard dogs with poisoned sausages, launch violent attack on family


In a shocking incident that unfolded in the Cowdray Park suburb, a family fell victim to a terrifying robbery orchestrated by four armed assailants.

The audacious criminals employed a cunning strategy to disable the guard dogs by lacing sausages with a potent poison, allowing them to scale a pre-cast wall undeterred. Once inside the property, they shattered a bedroom window, gained entry, and subjected the sleeping family to a vicious assault before making off with their valuables.

The targeted family, headed by Future Ndebele, was fast asleep when the four robbers, armed with a pistol, crowbar, knife, and iron rod, breached the premises. Under the cover of darkness, they deftly navigated the pre-cast wall, landing silently in the yard before proceeding to Ndebele’s bedroom, where the terrifying ordeal would unfold.

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According to a reliable source, the assailants smashed the bedroom window, creating a sudden and violent intrusion. Two of the criminals swiftly made their way inside through the shattered glass, surprising Ndebele, who was still awake at the time. Without hesitation, they unleashed a barrage of slaps and kicks upon him, coercing him to lie on the floor while demanding money.

As the harrowing scene unfolded, the robbers ransacked the room in search of valuables. In their quest, they stumbled upon Ndebele’s laptop, a significant sum of R7,000, US$500 in cash, and even two cases of Castle Lite beer. Seizing their spoils, the assailants swiftly retreated from the scene, leaving behind a traumatized family and a shattered sense of security.

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Bulawayo’s acting police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele, confirmed the distressing incident and urged anyone with relevant information to come forward.

“Anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects may contact any nearest police station or call us on (292) 50358,” she said.

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