Explosive Revelation: Trusted CID officer unmasked as getaway driver in daring robbery plot!

Wellington Ndoro (wearing a floral shirt) and Felias Mvula (wearing a striped T-shirt)

Bulawayo detective arrested as getaway driver in planned armed robbery spree

In a shocking turn of events, a detective based in Bulawayo has been apprehended for his involvement as a getaway driver in a series of planned armed robberies in Victoria Falls.

Wellington Ndoro, a 36-year-old Criminal Investigations Detective (CID) Constable currently on leave, allegedly conspired with Felias Mvula (54) and four other accomplices who are currently evading capture.

The gang, armed with two pistols, had set their sights on carrying out multiple robberies in Victoria Falls. According to sources, Ndoro took on the role of the getaway driver, while Mvula and the other accomplices executed the robberies. Their mode of transportation was a Toyota Corolla with South African registration plates, which they had driven from Bulawayo to Victoria Falls.

Their criminal activities were foiled during their first attempted robbery at a residence in Victoria Falls on December 14. As Ndoro and Mvula waited in the car, the other four assailants scaled over a precast wall to gain entry into the property. However, their plans were disrupted when the daughter of the homeowner spotted one of the intruders attempting to force open the main door. She immediately alerted her father, who promptly contacted the neighbourhood watch committee.

Responding swiftly, members of the neighbourhood watch committee arrived at the scene, causing the four robbers to flee. Ndoro and Mvula swiftly fled in their getaway vehicle as well. However, the neighbourhood watch team, driving a land cruiser, pursued them. The pursuit ended abruptly when the neighbourhood watch vehicle collided with the alleged robbers’ car, bringing it to a halt.

In the chaotic aftermath, Ndoro and Mvula abandoned the vehicle, fleeing on foot in different directions. The pursuit continued with the assistance of local police officers stationed in Victoria Falls. Ndoro was eventually apprehended while hiding in a house, while Mvula was found concealed in a trench.

As of now, Ndoro and Mvula remain in custody, while the four other accomplices, known only by their nicknames Shorty, KK/Madala, Mduli, and a coloured individual from South Africa, are still at large.

It is believed that the gang had acquired cable ties, presumably intending to bind their victims during the planned robberies. The swift response from the vigilant daughter and the neighbourhood watch committee averted potential harm and ensured the preservation of the community’s safety.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi issued a stern warning to police officers and security agents, emphasizing that the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) would not condone criminal acts committed by its members. He assured the public that due legal processes would be followed to ensure that the offenders face appropriate punishment.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) does not condone criminal acts committed by police officers or any member of the security agents. Due processes of the law will be followed to effect punishment to the offenders,” said Asst-Comm Nyathi.

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