Heartbreaking Revelation: Husband’s world crumbles as his ‘virgin’ wife’s dark secret comes to light


In a devastating turn of events, Tawanda Makwiramiti, hailing from Harare, has found himself entangled in a bitter dispute with his in-laws from Bulawayo’s Mahatshula North suburb after discovering that they allegedly arranged a secret marriage for his wife, Rejoice Nheta, with another man. The revelation has left Tawanda shattered, as he recounts a series of events that have unfolded, highlighting deception, broken trust, and a loss of the marital bond.

According to BMetro, Tawanda’s journey began when he first met Rejoice in August 2019, culminating in their engagement on August 10, 2020. Determined to formalize their union, Tawanda proceeded to fulfil the lobola payment for Rejoice on January 23, 2021, handing over US$1,600 along with an additional US$500 for groceries, as requested by Rejoice’s parents for the ceremony.

However, a stipulation set by the bride’s father added a challenging condition to the arrangement. Tawanda was forbidden from living with his wife-to-be until after he completed the lobola payment, as Rejoice was claimed to be a virgin. Despite meeting this requirement, Tawanda encountered resistance from Rejoice’s parents, who demanded additional funds before allowing him to take his wife home.

Undeterred, Tawanda managed to gather an additional US$820 by August 1, 2021, which he promptly paid. This finally earned him the permission to take Rejoice as his wife. However, their marital bliss was short-lived, as Rejoice refused to engage in any intimate lula lula acts with Tawanda, leaving him confused and frustrated. After just five days, she packed her belongings and abruptly left for Bulawayo, leaving Tawanda distraught.

As Tawanda struggled to comprehend the sudden and perplexing turn of events, he eventually learned the shocking truth. Rejoice confessed that she was no longer a virgin and had secretly become engaged to another man. The news hit Tawanda like a hammer, realizing that his wife had been married off to someone else without his knowledge or consent.

Heartbroken and betrayed, Tawanda discovered that Rejoice’s new husband was Laurence Alexander Muzah. Astonishingly, the marriage had taken place on December 10, without the customary Gupuro (divorce token) being given to Tawanda. Adding insult to injury, it was revealed that Muzah had paid US$600 as damages for breaking Rejoice’s alleged virginity.

Attempts by Tawanda to seek answers from Rejoice’s family and engage in mediation have been met with resistance and threats. He has now resorted to legal action, filing a lawsuit against Rejoice’s father at the Harare Civil Court, seeking reimbursement for the lobola payment he made under false pretences.

When approached for comment by BMetro, Rejoice’s father, Norman Nheta, neither confirmed nor denied Tawanda’s claims of fraudulently marrying off his wife. Nheta suggested that Tawanda had refused to accept the end of the relationship, emphasizing that communication channels rather than confrontations should have been pursued.

Efforts by BMetro to reach Rejoice for her side of the story were unsuccessful, as her phone was unreachable. Laurence Alexander Muzah, the alleged new husband, denied any knowledge of the situation, abruptly ending the conversation when pressed for details.

In a surprising twist, Muzah’s mother confirmed the incident, revealing that during the lobola negotiations, Tawanda and his companions had interrupted the proceedings, asserting that Rejoice was still his wife. She expressed uncertainty regarding the paternity of Rejoice’s pregnancy, as tensions and doubts escalated.

“We heard that she was married to Tawanda on that day we were paying lobola. What happened is that during lobola negotiations Tawanda and his colleagues arrived and interrupted the proceedings.

“We had just paid the damages and the negotiations were stopped when Tawanda started claiming that Rejoice was still his wife. She is pregnant and we are no longer sure if it is our son who is responsible for that pregnancy,” she said.

As Tawanda fights for justice and closure, the story stands as a stark reminder of the complexities and challenges that can arise within family dynamics and cultural traditions. The heartbroken husband seeks not only financial restitution but also the opportunity to heal from the emotional turmoil inflicted by the clandestine marriage of his beloved wife.

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